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Glenwood Children's Park
Photo courtesy of David Thompson
Favorite Place:
Glenwood Children's Park
Place Address:
602 Glenway Street
This small park gem allows one to quickly escape from the sense one is in the city despite a busy street adjacent to it. Its dramatic ravine topography creates an immersion in a woodland setting and invites exploration, which it was designed to do - for children's self-discovery of nature.

Glenwood Children's Park was the first Madison Park to be given city landmark recognition due to it being the last public park design by Landscape Architect Jens Jensen. The Council Ring is set high on a mound in the woods of the park with a large central firestone to accommodate bonfires and neighborhood gatherings.

Despite the passage of over 60 years since its dedication and not much done to manage its historic nature, it is a charming place and serene refuge.