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The gargantuan and ugly ATC lines
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going in along the Beltline
The structures are not only gargantuan, they are blocky and hulking. Even if this is the only practical route for the power lines, there is no reason that structures that will dominate our shared view for many decades should be allowed to be such an eyesore.

This is what they look like when they are brand new. Just think how attractive they'll be with a few winters' patina. There is no excuse for such awkward design.

The Eiffel Tower is also a huge metal structure (and there was huge opposition to it during construction). Its saving grace was that it offered pleasing lines and shapes. It became a beloved image and an enhancement to the skyline.

This linear eyesore sends the message that Madison doesn't care about its quality of life. We don't need the electricity the power lines will deliver to send that message - the hideous skyline they're delivering does the job. The deep irony is that it isn't true.