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Front yard gardens
Photo courtesy of CAC via city of madison flickr site FlickrFlickr
Favorite Place:
Front yard gardens
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Russett Road off Whitney way
As a gardener, I consciously made a decision to garden my front yard on Hammersley Rd. right down to the street and to care for the traffic island in front of my house. I do it because I love to walk by other houses where gardeners are sharing their beauty with passersby. It is one way for folks who don't have time, money or space to still see something beautiful in almost all seasons. In 15+ years no one has so much as picked a flower even though lots of people including school children walk by each day. I am using this Russet Rd. photo because I just heard about this and live in the neighborhood and did not know about it. It seems part of our problems are the ones of communication. Here's a spot where I could help and I did not know anything about it.