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Neighborhood Sustainability chalk mural
Photo courtesy of EENA
Favorite Place:
Neighborhood Sustainability chalk mural
Place Address:
E. Johnson and 4th St. cul de sac
This community-made mural transforms the ugly side wall of James Reeb Unitarian congregation's building (an architecturally regrettable former T-shirt factory). It creates a vibrant transition between Demetral Field (a former industrial site that was originally wetland) and the back side of East High. A year-old Milio's Sandwich Shop and even newer 4 & 20 Bakery Cafe face the mural across a parking area. Together these three elements have turned an unloved dead-end eyesore into a welcoming gateway to our neighborhood. The chalk mural was completed this past June by neighbors of all ages and artistic abilities. It was the inaugural undertaking of the Emerson East Neighborhood Association's Public Art Task Force convened by Diane Farsetta.