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Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA)

Neighborhood of the Year Awards  

Neighborhoods USA, a national non-profit organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations, solicits nominations to recognize the commitment of neighborhoods and neighborhood friendly individuals or enterprises in awarding "Neighborhood of the Year" (NOTY) and "NUSA Notables" Awards. NUSA provides awards in four categories: Neighborhood of the Year Award and categorical awards for Physical Revitalization, Social Revitalization, and Multi-Neighborhood Partnership Awards are given annually. Several Madison neighborhoods have received or have been nominated as finalist to receive the Neighborhood of the Year Award from this national organization. It shows that Madisonians are committed to making their neighborhoods livable for all. Congratulations to the committed neighborhood organizations for their self-help initiatives.


Social Revitalization-Single Neighborhood Award Category 

University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association

Project: University Hill Farms 50th Anniversary House Tour


Social Revitalization-Single Neighborhood Award Category

Honorable Mention

Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association

Project: Neighborhood Watch Website


Multi-Neighborhood-Project Partnership Award Category

First Place

Northside Planning Council

Project: Warner Park Community Recreation Center

Social Revitalization-Single Neighborhood Award Category

Second Place

Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association

Project: Pedestrian Zone Campaign