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Thematic Maps and Data

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Neighborhoods in and near Planning Area (pdf 253 kb)
Type of Residential Structures (pdf 615 kb)
Age of Single-Family Structures (pdf 342 kb)
2007 Assessed Value of Single-Family Structures (pdf 405 kb)
Tenure of Single-Family Structures (pdf 414 kb)
Tenure of Two-Family Structures (pdf 347 kb)
Zoning Information (pdf 420 kb)
Planning Area (pdf 836 kb)
Bike Routes (pdf 352 kb)
Parks and Open Space (pdf 389 kb)
2000 Census Tracts and Block Groups (pdf 250 kb)
Lane Use Information (pdf 392 kb)
Neighborhood Public Facilities (pdf 333 kb)
Neighborhood Future Projects (pdf 252 kb)