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Neighborhood Issues

The Steering Committee has identified the Top 6 Issues (PDF 380 KB) for the neighborhood plan to address. Please review, print and complete the issues questionnaire (PDF 22 KB).

Economic Development

Develop a strategy to retain, attract, and grow local, regional and national businesses on the northside, capitalizing on major employment centers and businesses (e.g. airport) and the existing and potential consumer base (e.g. commuters), and increase access to and availability of employment training and/or business development (e.g. micro-enterprises).

Neighborhood Revitalization

Create short and long-term concepts to redevelop underutilized land at the southeast corner of Sherman Avenue and Northport Drive into a viable neighborhood commercial site.

Creating a Safer Neighborhood

Improve neighborhood safety by developing a multi-level prevention strategy that includes better communication between the police and community; also improve traffic enforcement, especially of speed limits.

Gateway Corridor Plan

Recreate Northport Drive, Packers Avenue, County Highway CV and Sherman Avenue as gateways and showcases to the northside by developing corridor plans that address aesthetics, land use, redevelopment, pedestrian and bicycle access, safety and movement, and pedestrian and bicycle connections to downtown and other major destinations.

Neighborhood Schools

Closure of neighborhood schools and its impact on the long-term health of the neighborhood, equal education opportunities among the schools, and before and after-school programming at the schools.

Water Quality

Improve water quality of the lakes and drinking supply.

The Steering Committee will cover other pertinent issues with the plan. The above list includes the Top 6 Issues that will be the primary focus of plan recommendations.

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Thank you.