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Last update Thursday, May 3, 2018

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Neighborhood Contacts
Neighborhood Contact Person: Brad Hinkfuss, 217 Corry St, Madison, WI 53704, (H)608-242-9573, (W) 608-257-2534 Ext: 26 , bradhinkfuss@gmail.com
Brad Kuse , 121 Powers Ave, Madison, WI 53704, (H)608-242-4685, bradkuse@gmail.com

Neighborhood Association Meetings
Neighborhood Association Meeting: Place: Goodman Community Center
Address: 149 Waubesa Street
Date: Second Thursday of the Month
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Please contact neighborhood association to confirm meeting date, location, and time.

Profile, Statistics and Indicators
Neighborhood Description: The soul of Madison lives in the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara Neighborhood, an unassuming old blue-collar district re-imagined as a vibrant haven for many of the funkier and more enterprising elements of the city's creative class. Bounded on three sides by water and on the fourth by a bike bath and East Washington Avenue, this part of town is at the same time sedate and festive. It is walkable, rich in its appreciation of quirky gusto, and colors its politics deep blue. Situated along the north shore of Lake Monona between the Yahara River and Starkweather Creek, this is a diverse yet cohesive neighborhood that invests in its quality of life. A little over 20 years ago, its residents rallied to transform what was then a seedy porn house into the Barrymore Theater, restoring it to its former glory and establishing it as the beating cultural heart of Madison's east side. (Partial article from Isthmus Newspaper: Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara: The soul of Madison by David Medaris, May 18, 2008) Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara Neighborhood has a historic feel. Single-family homes to three-flats are intertwine in the fabric of the neighborhood. As you stroll down the street, you will see the front porch style neighborhood: people sitting on their porches welcoming you to chat about life in the neighborhood and beyond. The diverse mix of residents: from the traditional professional to the creative musician, the family makeup that spans ages, races, incomes, and orientation, as well as the vast interest in local to worldly advocacy makes this neighborhood a highly desirable place to live. The charitable spirit is high with the neighborhood supporting, through financial and volunteer time, the Goodman Community Center that serves are youth and seniors.
Neighborhood Boundaries: East Washington Avenue on the north; East Branch of Starkweather Creek on the east; Lake Monona on the south; Yahara River on the west
Neighborhood Statistics Indicators: The Neighborhood Indicators Project is a demonstration of key characteristics and various indicators that relate to the quality of life in Madison at the neighborhood level. Basic neighborhood information as well as housing, public safety, health and family well-being, economic, and transportation indicators by neighborhood is available.
Recent Accomplishments: -Madison Magazine named SASY Neighborhood as one of the "Great Neighborhoods" in their August 2009 edition.

-Sustainable Atwood, a taskforce of SASY, formed to discuss/achieve a higher degree of sustainability within the neighborhood. Sustainable Atwood plans to bring together neighborhood stakeholders to assess current sustainability, generate a shared vision for a sustainable neighborhood, and conduct projects and actions towards achieving the vision (2009).

-SASY received City of Madison Neighborhood Grant to cast the original Effigy Tree sculpture in bronze and install it at Hudson Park (2008).

-Olbrich Park Shoreline Repair project was completed in 2008 and included restoring and stabilizing the shoreline within Olbrich Park along Lake Monona from Starkweather Creek to the east. Recent years have brought consistently higher lake levels and coupled with occasional high winds and / or ice shoves, have combined to damage the shoreline. The project provided an armoring to prevent future damage. The project also included public access and buffer improvements (2008).

-SASY received City of Madison Neighborhood Grant to place up to 13 sculptures by Sid Boyum at various neighborhood sites (1999).

Neighborhood Events: Atwood Summerfest, Summer and Winter Solstice celebrations at Olbrich Park (w/Friends of Starkweather Creek)
Places of Interest: Atwood Business District, Atwood Community Center, Barrymore Theater, Great Spirit Effigy Sculpture at Hudson Park, Lake Monona, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Olbrich Thai Garden and Pavilion

Neighborhood Communications
Newsletter: Eastside News
Joanne Yanna, 149 Waubesa Street, Madison, WI 53704, eastsidenews@goodmancenter.org
Web Page: http://www.sasyna.org

Plans and Publications
City Plans: Starkweather Creek Master Plan (2004 Update)
Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Worthington Park Neighborhood Plan (March 7, 2000)
SchenkAtwood Neighborhood Business District Master Plan (December 2000)
Marquette-Schenk-Atwood Neighborhood Plan (May 3, 1994)
Schenk'sAtwood Neighborhood Development Strategy (June 1985)
Atwood Awareness: A Study of the Atwood Neighborhood (December 1979)
Fair Oaks (February 1969)
Physical Development Plan: Atwood Business District (April 1967)
Publications: -Madison Magazine: Great Neighborhoods (August 2009)

-Isthmus Article: Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara: The soul of Madison (May 2008)

-Lowell Elementary Traffic Safety Brochure, 2009

-Strategic Planning Analysis for Marquette-Schenk-Atwood, Madison, WI (June 1993)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Urban & Regional Planning

-Schenk-Atwood Neighborhood: A Historic Walking Tour, 1987

-Atwood Awareness: A Study of the Atwood Neighborhood (December 1979)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Urban & Regional Planning

Historic Districts:
TIF Districts: -Tax Incremental Financing District 37 (Union Corners) Plan and Map
Urban Design Districts: Urban Design District 5: Madison General Ordinance Chapter 33.24(12)

Governmental Officials
Madison Alderperson: Marsha Rummel, Aldermanic District 6 - Ward 39
Marsha Rummel, Aldermanic District 6 - Ward 40
Marsha Rummel, Aldermanic District 6 - Ward 41
Dane County Supervisor: John Hendrick, Supervisory District 6 - Ward 39
John Hendrick, Supervisory District 6 - Ward 40
John Hendrick, Supervisory District 6 - Ward 41
State Representative: Chris Taylor, Assembly District 76 - Ward 39
Chris Taylor, Assembly District 76 - Ward 40
Chris Taylor, Assembly District 76 - Ward 41
State Senator: Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 39
Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 40
Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 41

Facilities and Services:
Community Centers Goodman Community Center (149 Waubesa Street)
Community Gardens: East Main Gardens located along the 2000-2100 blocks of East Main Street, Atwood Avenue Gardens located north of Atwood Avenue along the bike path (48 plots), St. Paul Gardens located on the 3000-3200 blocks of St. Paul Avenue (68 plots)
Fire Stations: Fire Station #3 (1217 Williamson Street)
Library: Hawthorne Branch (2707 East Washington Avenue), Pinney Branch (204 Cottage Grove Road)
Neighborhood Resource Team:
Parks and Open Space:
Elmisde Circle Park, Hudson Beach, Lakefront Prkway, Lowell Elementary School Playground, Olbrich Park, Beach and Athletic Area, O.B. Sherry Park, Starkweather Creek, Wirth Court Park
Police Districts: Central District, Capt. Jason Freedman, 211 S Carroll St, Neighborhood Officers, Newsletter
East District, Capt. Thomas Snyder, 211 S Carroll St., Neighborhood Officers, Newsletter
Polling Place: Ward 39, Hawthrone Library, 2707 E Washington Ave
Ward 40, Olbrich Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave
Ward 41, O'keeffe Middle School, 510 S Thornton Ave
Public Art: Art located at Olbrich Park (3402 Atwood Avenue), Sunbathers located at Olbrich Park (3402 Atwood Avenue), Fiddleheads located Olbrich Botanical Gardens (3402 Atwood Avenue), Untitled located at Olbrich Botanical Gardens (3402 Atwood Avenue), Great Spirit located at Hudson Park (2930 Lakeland at Maple Street)
Public Schools: Elementary School Attendance Area 19
Lowell Elementary School (401 Maple Ave)
Middle School Attendance Area 220
O'Keeffe Middle School (510 S Thornton Ave)
High School Attendance Area 141
East High School (2222 E Washington Ave)