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Last update Thursday, May 3, 2018

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Neighborhood Contacts
Neighborhood Contact Person: Chris Heaton, PO Box 3385, Madison, WI 53704, eenachairs@yahoo.com
Indira Ceylan, PO Box 3385, Madison, WI 53704, eenachairs@yahoo.com

Neighborhood Association Meetings
Neighborhood Association Meeting: Place: Bashford United Methodist Church
Address: 329 North Street
Date: Third Wednesday of the month
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 pm
Please contact neighborhood association to confirm meeting date, location, and time.

Profile, Statistics and Indicators
Neighborhood Description: The Emerson East Neighborhood was originally developed in the 1920's, after Madison's Central Marsh was drained and land became available for houses for workers in nearby factories, including Oscar Mayer's and the French Battery Company. Housing includes a mix of owner-occupied and rental housing. The area covered by the Emerson East Neighborhood Association includes about 2100 people in about 1000 houses and apartment units. Housing is still affordable in the Emerson East neighborhood, and our neighborhood is safe, friendly, and diversified.
Neighborhood Boundaries: Commercial Avenue on the north, North Street and East Washington Avenue on the east, Yahara River on the south, East Johnson Street and the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Yard on the west
Neighborhood Statistics Indicators: The Neighborhood Indicators Project is a demonstration of key characteristics and various indicators that relate to the quality of life in Madison at the neighborhood level. Basic neighborhood information as well as housing, public safety, health and family well-being, economic, and transportation indicators by neighborhood is available.
Recent Accomplishments: - Installation of crossing flags at North First Street and East Dayton Street. (Spring 2017)
- Revision of EENA by-laws. Membership dues are now donation based to remove hurdles to joining the association. (Fall 2016)
- Participation in the City's rezoning of the area where now Occupy Madison village is located (corner of East Johnson Street and North Third Street). (2014)
- Participation in drafting the Emerson East – Eken Park - Yahara Neighborhood Plan (EEEPY) by providing representatives to the Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee and contributing to the overall process (2013-2016)
- Participation in the City’s and developer’s planning for redevelopment of Union Corners (corner of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street). (2012-2016)
- Installation of yield signs at the intersection of North Seventh Stret and Hoard Street to increase safety along the direct pedestrian route to Demetral Park. (around 2010)
- Installation of traffic calming circles along North Sixth and speed bumps along North Third Street. The traffic circles are part of the Adopt-A-Median program and Emerson East neighbors are taking care of plantings ever since. (around 2010)
- Emerson East Neighborhood Association has provided support for the renovation of Demetral Field. The Demetral Field Berm Enhancement Project (decorative plantings on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of Demetral Field) has helped beautify the Pennsylvania corridor.
-Emerson East Neighborhood Association coordinated the construction and installation of Bird and Bat Houses in Demetral Field.
-A joint effort between Emerson East and Eken Park Neighborhoods, the neighborhoods worked with Madison Police Department to reduce prostitution and harassment complaints in the North Street area through citizen patrols and increased police vigilance.
-Emerson East Neighborhood Association installs Post Slow Down - Watch for Kids signs near schools during strategic weeks in the year.

Neighborhood Events: Earth Day Cleanup (April), Yard Sale Day (June)
Places of Interest: Burr Jones Field, Demetral Field, East High School, Emerson East Elementary School, Occupy Madison Village

Neighborhood Communications
Newsletter: The Neighbor
Indira Ceylan, PO Box 3385, Madison, WI 53704, (H)608-807-8156, Indira.ceylan@gmail.com, eenachairs@yahoo.com
Web Page: http://emersoneast.wordpress.com

Plans and Publications
City Plans: Emerson EastEken Park Neighborhood Plan (March 17, 1998)
Emerson–Burr Jones–Eken Park Neighborhood Plan Strategy (June 1985)
Madison Square (April 1969)
East Washington Avenue BUILD Capitol Gateway Corridor Plan (February 5, 2008)
East Washington Avenue BUILD Plan Project Website
Emerson East – Eken Park - Yahara Neighborhood Plan (January 5, 2016)
Publications: Hello
Historic Districts:
TIF Districts: -Tax Incremental Financing District 36 (Capitol Gateway) Plan and Map

-Tax Incremental Financing District 37 (Union Corners) Plan and Map
Urban Design Districts: Urban Design District 4: Madison General Ordinance Chapter 33.24(11)

Urban Design District 5: Madison General Ordinance Chapter 33.24(12)

Governmental Officials
Madison Alderperson: Larry Palm, Aldermanic District 12 - Ward 29
Dane County Supervisor: Heidi Wegleitner, Supervisory District 2 - Ward 29
State Representative: Chris Taylor, Assembly District 76 - Ward 29
State Senator: Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 29

Facilities and Services:
Community Centers Goodman Community Center (formerly called Atwood Community Center) (149 Waubesa Street)
Community Gardens:
Fire Stations: Fire Station #3 (1217 Williamson Street)
Library: Hawthorne Branch (2707 East Washington Avenue)
Neighborhood Resource Team:
Parks and Open Space:
Demetral Field, East High Athletic Field and tennis courts, Emerson Elementary School playground
Police Districts: North District, Capt. Jay Lengfeld, 2033 Londonderry Dr, Neighborhood Officers, Newsletter
Polling Place: Ward 29, East High School, 2222 E Washington Ave
Public Art: Content: James A. Graskamp located in James A. Graskamp Park (1953 E. Mifflin Street), Path of Voices located at East High School (2222 E. Washington Avenue)
Public Schools: Elementary School Attendance Area 7
Emerson Elementary School (2421 E Johnson St)
Middle School Attendance Area 228
Sherman Middle School (1610 Ruskin St)
High School Attendance Area 141
East High School (2222 E Washington Ave)