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Last update Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Neighborhood Contacts
Neighborhood Contact Person: Henry Hempe, 5413 Trempealeau Tr, Madison, WI 53705, (H)608-233-3331, info@hillfarms.org
Peter Hughes, 305 Cheyenne Tr, Madison 53705, (H)608-238-9556, (W) 608-664-4156, info@hillfarms.org

Neighborhood Association Meetings
Neighborhood Association Meeting: Place: Covenant Presbyterian Church or West Senior Center
Date: 2nd Saturdays in Feb, May, August, Nov. (Meetings on website)
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Please contact neighborhood association to confirm meeting date, location, and time.

Profile, Statistics and Indicators
Neighborhood Description: The University Hill Farms neighborhood is located on Madison’s near west side, bounded on the north by Regent Street and Sheboygan Avenue, on the south by Mineral Point Road, on the east by Segoe Road, and on the west by Rosa Road and North Whitney Way. The Hill Farms Neighborhood encompasses two parks, and is served by two elementary schools, one middle school, several churches, the Hilldale shopping center, including the Sundance movie theatre, and the Hill Farms State Office building. Just minutes by car from the University, downtown, and beltline, the University Hill Farms neighborhood is situated in a desirable and convenient location. The University Hill Farms neighborhood was developed as a complete community, including residential housing, schools, parks, churches, shopping, and office space on 487 acres of land formerly owned by the University of Wisconsin. The state legislature authorized the sale of the land in 1953 and appointed a special committee to oversee its development. The University of Wisconsin and its Regents, in conjunction with the city of Madison and planning consultant Carl L. Gardner and associates, created a plan to fulfill the original vision of an integrated, walkable neighborhood.
Neighborhood Boundaries: Regent Street and Sheboygan Avenue on the north, Segoe Road on the east, Mineral Point Road on the south, Rosa Road and North Whitney Way on the west
Neighborhood Statistics Indicators: The Neighborhood Indicators Project is a demonstration of key characteristics and various indicators that relate to the quality of life in Madison at the neighborhood level. Basic neighborhood information as well as housing, public safety, health and family well-being, economic, and transportation indicators by neighborhood is available.
Recent Accomplishments: -As part of a City of Madison Neighborhood Plan process, the University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association was involved in the preparation of the University Hill Farms Neighborhood Plan (adopted January 2016).

-To better understand the tree canopy within the neighborhood, University Hill Farms conducted a tree inventory on all trees located on private lands (2016).

-In November 2014, the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Review Board approved University Hill Farms as a national historic district.

-Hill Farms Swim Facility was recently reconstructed and reopened in May 2009.

-50 Year Anniversary 2006 Celebrated with Home and Garden Tour. The 50th celebration won second place in the 2007 Neighborhoods USA awards.

- University Hill Farms partnered with the Midvale Heights, Spring Harbor, and Westmorland neighborhood associations to sponsor the Dane County Executive Candidate Forum in January 2011
Neighborhood Events: Fourth of July Parade, Garage Sale, Halloween Party, Santa Visits for Children, Spring Social
Places of Interest: Garner Park, Hamilton (Van Hise) Middle and Van Hise Elementary Schools, Hill Farms Farmers Market, Hill Farms State Office Building, Hill Farms Swim Club, Red Cross, Rennebohm Park, Westside Farmers Market

Neighborhood Communications
Newsletter: University Hill Farms
Mary Whitcomb, 230 Carillon Dr, Madison, WI 53705-5586, (H)608-231-3325, newsletter@hillfarms.org
Jacki Lawton, 6 S Eau Claire Ave, Madison 53705, (H)608-238-6601, newsletter@hillfarms.org
Web Page: http://www.hillfarms.org

Plans and Publications
City Plans:
Publications: -Van Hise Elementary Traffic Safety Brochure, 2008-2009

Neighborhood Directory, Quarterly Newsletter
Historic Districts:
TIF Districts:
Urban Design Districts:

Governmental Officials
Madison Alderperson: Tim Gruber, Aldermanic District 11 - Ward 83
Tim Gruber, Aldermanic District 11 - Ward 84
Tim Gruber, Aldermanic District 11 - Ward 85
Dane County Supervisor: Al Matano, Supervisory District 11 - Ward 83
Al Matano, Supervisory District 11 - Ward 84
Al Matano, Supervisory District 11 - Ward 85
State Representative: Terese Berceau, Assembly District 77 - Ward 83
Terese Berceau, Assembly District 77 - Ward 84
Terese Berceau, Assembly District 77 - Ward 85
State Senator: Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 83
Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 84
Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 85

Facilities and Services:
Community Centers
Community Gardens: Sheboygan Garden is located on the 4800 block of Sheboygan Avenue (between Hill Farms State Office Building and Red Cross)
Fire Stations: Fire Station #9 (201 North Midvale Boulevard)
Library: Sequoya Branch (513 South Midvale Boulevard)
Neighborhood Resource Team:
Parks and Open Space:
Garner Park, Glen Oak Hills Park, Kenosha Drive Greenway, Lucia Crest Park, Rennebohm Park, Robin Greenway
Police Districts: West District, Capt. Cory Nelson, 1710 McKenna Blvd., Neighborhood Officers, Newsletter
Polling Place: Ward 83, Covenant Presbyterian Church, 326 S Segoe Road
Ward 84, Hill Farm State Office Building, 4802 Sheboygan Ave
Ward 85, Stephens Elementary, 120 S Rosa Rd
Public Art:
Public Schools: Elementary School Attendance Area 32
Stephens Elementary School (120 S Rosa Rd)
Middle School Attendance Area 234
Hamilton Middle School (4801 Waukesha St)
High School Attendance Area 143
West High School (30 Ash St)