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Last update Monday, January 22, 2018

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Neighborhood Contacts
Neighborhood Contact Person: Bill Bremer, 9 Flad Cir, Madison, WI 53711, (H)608-273-1731, (Mobile) 608-395-7851, billbremer6@att.net
Roger Avery, 5305 Whitcomb Dr, Madison, WI 53711, (H)608-298-7587, rareavery@msn.com

Neighborhood Association Meetings
Neighborhood Association Meeting: Place: Orchard Ridge Library
Date: Third Monday of the month
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Please contact neighborhood association to confirm meeting date, location, and time.

Profile, Statistics and Indicators
Neighborhood Description: Ranch style homes on larger, wooded lots is a typical home in this neighborhood. Mutlifamily living, either condominium or apartments, is also available on Gilbert, Hammersley, and Reetz Roads. Not many Madison neighborhoods have a private pool for summer recreation and swimming lessons. Three child care centers, including two private home facilities, are located within the neighborhood. A Golfing center with miniature golf, par three and driving range is close by. Many of the current Orchard Ridge residents are original neighborhood homeowners. Several children have grown up and purchased their own homes in the neighborhood nearby their parents - or have returned to Madison and resettled in the neighborhood they once grew up in. A mature neighborhood with large lots, both private and public schools, including Memorial High School, a National School of Excellence. Four denominational churches are available for religious worship. Close to several major shopping malls.
Neighborhood Boundaries: Hammersley Road and West Beltline Highway on the north, Verona Road (USH 12) on the east, Raymond Road on the south, Cameron Drive on the west
Neighborhood Statistics Indicators: The Neighborhood Indicators Project is a demonstration of key characteristics and various indicators that relate to the quality of life in Madison at the neighborhood level. Basic neighborhood information as well as housing, public safety, health and family well-being, economic, and transportation indicators by neighborhood is available.
Recent Accomplishments: -Local residents worked with PHMDC, REAP Food Group, farmer Robert Pierce to open the SW Community Farmer's Market at Orchard Ridge United Church parking lot (1501 Gilbert Road) in June 2009. Facebook users can become a fan of Madison, WI Southwest Community Farmers Market to get up-to-date news from the market (2009).

-SWAN (Southwest Alliance of Neighborhoods), a coalition of neighborhoods on the southwest side of Madison, have recently formed a neighborhood-based organizations to share information and to work together on activities/projects. One of their first efforts is to design a social contract, Residents Bill of Rights, to set neighborhood standards (2009).

-Received a Neighborhood Planning Grant to identify strategic issues in Orchard Ridge. Hosted two Town Hall Meetings and unveiled Online Neighborhood Survey to solicit input from area residents (2009).

-Develop online tools to communicate with neighbors: Neighbor-to-Neighbor Forum and Neighborhood Watch Email helps area residents connect and keep connected (2008-2009).

-In a City of Madison/Madison Schools partnership, the new Meadowood Community Center opened near the corner of South Whitney Way and Raymond Road, in the Meadowood Shopping Center (adjacent to the library). Recreation and academic enrichment programs provided by Madison School and Community Recreation (MSCR) serve neighbors young and old (2009). http://www.mscr.org/MSCR-MeadowoodCenter.cfm

-Neighborhood residents, business representatives, and other stakeholders within in the neighborhood worked together to prepare the Southwest Neighborhood Plan (adopted January 2008).
Neighborhood Events: 4th of July Picnic and Parade, winter family social, Fall Fest event, Easter Egg Hunt event
Places of Interest: George Vitense Golfland, Meadowood Neighborhood Center, Orchard Ridge Elementary School, Toki Middle School, Ridgewood Pool, YMCA Lussier Family West

Neighborhood Communications
Newsletter: The Grapevine
Christine Martell, 9 Flad Circle, Madison, WI 53711, (H)608-271-9527, (Mobile) 608-630-6532, christinejmartell@gmail.com
Web Page: http://www.orchardridge.info/

Plans and Publications
City Plans: Southwest Neighborhood Plan Website
Southwest Neighborhood Plan (January 22, 2008)
Publications: Grapevine Newsletter published 4 times per year & Membership Directory published every two years
Historic Districts:
TIF Districts:
Urban Design Districts:

Governmental Officials
Madison Alderperson: Maurice Cheeks, Aldermanic District 10 - Ward 77
Dane County Supervisor: Matt Veldran, Supervisory District 7 - Ward 77
State Representative: Terese Berceau, Assembly District 77 - Ward 77
State Senator: Fred Risser, Senate District 26 - Ward 77

Facilities and Services:
Community Centers Meadowood Neighborhood Center (5734 Raymond Road). Wisconsin Youth & Family Center (1201 McKenna Boulevard)
Community Gardens:
Fire Stations: Fire Station #7 (1810 McKenna Blvd)
Library: Meadowridge Branch (5740 Raymond Road)
Neighborhood Resource Team:
Parks and Open Space:
Flad Park, Orchard Ridge Elementary School playground, Orchard Ridge Park, Orchard Ridge Valley Park, Toki Middle School Fields
Police Districts: West District, Capt. Cory Nelson, 1710 McKenna Blvd., Neighborhood Officers, Newsletter
Polling Place: Ward 77, Toki Middle School, 5606 Russett Rd
Public Art:
Public Schools: Elementary School Attendance Area 25
Orchard Ridge Elementary School (5606 Russett Rd)
Middle School Attendance Area 225
Toki Middle School (5606 Russett Rd)
High School Attendance Area 145
Memorial High School (201 S Gammon Rd)