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Adopted Regent Street South-Campus Neighborhood Plan (pdf 25 MB)
Draft Plan Approved by RSSC Steering Committee November 28, 2007 (PDF 26,054KB)
Draft for RSSC Steering Committee Discussion November 28, 2007 (PDF 32,866KB)
Draft Urban Design Guidelines - September 05, 2007 (PDF 6,990KB)
Public Meeting #3 PowerPoint Presentation (PDF 17,696KB)
Future Neighborhood Scenario Development - Draft May 7, 2007 (PDF 160KB)
Land Use and Urban Design Assessment (PDF 202 KB)
Public Meeting #1 Results (PDF 2,284 KB)
Focus Group - Round #1 Results (PDF 57 KB)


Issues Summary (PDF 419 KB)
Process Timeline (PDF 44 KB)

Study Area Locator Map (PDF 1,216 KB)
Study Area Aerial Photo (PDF 565 KB)
Study Area Lane Use Map (PDF 66 KB)
Urban Design Assesment (PDF 4,648 KB)

Images from the Air (click on image for larger view)

Images on the Ground (click on image for larger view)