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Neighborhood and Stakeholder Views

Conversations with neighborhood residents, business owners, service providers, landlords, non-profit organizations, and centers of worship identified several assets and goals for the planning area.

Interview Summaries
The following assets and goals were identified by residents, business owners, service providers, landlords, non-profit organizations, and centers of worship :


  • Greenway through the Prairie Hills and Greentree neighborhoods
  • Natural conservation areas, large lots, and mature trees in the Orchard Ridge Community Club
  • Proximity to the Beltline, West Towne Mall, Verona Road shopping, and Middleton
  • Active individuals in the community who are willing to take initiatives



  • Provide safe and affirmative opportunities for recreation and education
  • Engage youth in the future of their community
  • Create a supportive and respectful environment for diversity in schools and in the community


  • Increase police presence
  • Increase respect, networking, education, and citizen presence
  • Encourage landlord associations and management training
  • Increase lighting and pedestrian safety


  • Strengthen the service network, staff capacities, and physical capacities
  • Centralize opportunities and resources for recreation, education, and services
  • Encourage a sense of ownership, identity, pride, and respect for the physical and cultural environment

Questionnaire Responses
Response summaries are listed below each question:

1. When you tell people where you live, what do you describe or how do you describe it?

  • Geographic location
  • Neighborhood names
  • Established area with trees, parks, well-kept houses, and a convenient location
  • Near Good Shepard Church
  • Experiencing some transitions

2. What do you like most about your neighborhood?

  • Meadowood Shopping Center
  • Neighbors
  • Large lots, trees, parks, and wildlife
  • Convenient access to shopping, schools, and pool
  • Quiet
  • Affordable
  • Close to bike paths and bus routes
  • Well-established
  • Active community members
  • Family orientated

3. What would you most like to change in your neighborhood?

  • Transition between single-family and multi-family housing
  • Crime
  • Lack of senior facilities
  • Expansion of Meadowood Library and modest redevelopment of Meadowood Shopping Center
  • Nothing
  • No high voltage power lines along the Beltline
  • More police presence
  • Better traffic management on Monticello Way, Piping Rock, Hathaway, and Woodington Way
  • More youth activities
  • Better maintenance of rental units properties
  • More respect and pride in the neighborhood