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General Timeline

Summer 2006

  • Conduct interviews and distribute questionnaire to neighborhood residents, business community, and major stakeholders to determine assets of neighborhood, what is of importance to neighborhood residents, and what residents would like to change.
  • Arrange joint meeting of district alderpersons, neighborhood associations, business leaders, and other stakeholders to kick-off the planning process, discuss role of residents and business community in developing the plan, and discuss expected outcomes from the adopted plan and implementation strategy.

Fall - Winter 2006

  • Begin preparation of SW Neighborhood Plan involving participation of neighborhood residents, business community and major stakeholders.
  • Conduct neighborhood wide meetings and strategy sessions to address priority issues identified by the neighborhood.

Winter 2006 - Spring 2007

  • Prepare plan and implementation strategy to address priority issues. Present preliminary plan at community wide meeting to determine level of local support.
  • Introduce neighborhood plan to Madison Common Council for adoption. Begin to set in motion implementation of priority plan recommendations.

Spring - Summer 2007

  • Prepare funding proposals to implement neighborhood-based recommendations.

Public Input

Neighborhood Associations

  • Conducted over 40 interviews with neighborhood associations, business associations, property owners, landlords, businesses, and community organizations to pinpoint the issues they think should be addressed in the neighborhood plan.
  • Distributed questionnaires through the neighborhood associations’ events and newsletters to solicit input from the wider community.
  • Coordinated a joint meeting with district alderpersons and neighborhood associations to discuss the planning process and identify broad neighborhood issues of interest.
  • Attended the Greentree and Prairie Hills Neighborhood Watch Meetings to discuss the planning process and provide planning updates, some preliminary recommendations, and next steps.
  • Worked with neighborhood associations to inform residents of the COMMUNITY-WIDE OPEN HOUSE in which over 100 residents attended to respond to priority issues and preliminary plan strategies.

Schools and School-Aged Youth

  • Met with principals from schools within and near the planning area to discuss strategies for creating better connections between the schools and the neighborhoods.
  • Met with Falk Elementary School Student Council members (2nd through 5th graders) to find out what they like best about their neighborhood, what they would like to change, and what is missing.
  • Met with a group of Hmong students at Toki Middle School to inform them about the plan and gather their input on what they like about the area, what they would like to change, and what is missing.
  • Met with middle school girls from Girl Neighborhood Power to discuss what they like about the neighborhood, what they would like to change, and what they think is missing.

Service Providers

  • Met with the Wisconsin Youth Company, Joining Forces for Families, and SW Neighborhood Resource Team to identify important issues of concern for the area.
  • Met with Meadowood on the Move! project coordinator to review results of group’s survey of neighborhood residents.
  • Met with Joining Forces for Families (JFF) and attended a JFF Open House to discuss planning process and identify important issues with staff and clients.
  • Worked with Community Action Coalition (CAC) to determine feasibility and prepare grant application for developing a community garden space. A grant was awarded for garden development in Lucy Lincoln Heistand greenway for 2007.

Faith-Based Community

  • Preliminary steps to assemble the faith-based community has started with the intent to strengthen the ties with area neighborhood associations.

Area Landlords

  • Met with the Balsam Road and Leland Road Landlord/Tenant Group and property owners in the Bettys Lane-Theresa Terrace and Russett Road areas to discuss issues and strategies to address the well-being of the area.

Business Community

  • Distributed planning information and talked with tenants at the Meadowood Shopping Center.
  • Met with MLG Capital and Management Group to discuss future plans for Meadowood Shopping Center.
  • Met with CUNA Mutual representatives to discuss planned development of UW Research Park and employment needs in the area.
  • Solicited input from Urban League of Greater Madison regarding connecting the business community with untapped low-income workforce in SW Neighborhood area.