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Judge Doyle Square is a prominent site in the heart of the City’s central business district and represents a significant opportunity to add another dynamic and high quality, tax generating element to Madison’s vibrant downtown. The City’s vision is to make Judge Doyle Square a destination for residents, employees and visitors by expanding and unifying the restaurant and entertainment district on the south side of the Capitol Square. The City desires that the project create a significant mixed-use development comprised of employment, hotel, residential, retail and restaurant uses combined with bicycle and parking facilities. Using Pinckney Street as the axis, Judge Doyle Square is the opportunity to create a pedestrian friendly, urban environment that improves the linkage of the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center to the adjoining hotel, retail, restaurant and entertainment district.

The project goals are:

Monona Terrace
Monona Terrace

Economic Development

  • Retain and grow the business of the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center.
  • Unlock the development potential of two City-owned, tax-exempt parcels to significantly expand the City’s tax base and employment, consistent with the Project Requirements found in Section 3 of the RFQ.
  • Unlock the development potential of the sites through careful selection of mixed uses that includes a hotel and provides sufficient parking to achieve the desired density.
  • Increase economic and retail activity from additional convention attendees, visitors, downtown workers and residents.

Block 88 Preliminary Hotel Concept Plan
Block 88 Preliminary Hotel Concept Plan (Marcus/ULI, 2011)


  • Add hotel rooms within easy walking distance of the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center.
  • Provide an additional 250 room block for the Monona Terrace to grow its book of business.
  • Develop hotel facilities that support and complement Monona Terrace.
  • Address unmet opportunities for capturing the group, commercial and leisure travel sectors and periodic, peak demand.

Block 105: Above-Ground Residential
Block 105: Above-Ground Residential and/or Commercial Elements


  • Attract additional residents to the central business district to increase the vitality of the area.
  • Attract additional services to support residents of the downtown.

Restaurant Restaurant Plan
Engaging Street-Level Mix of Uses and Public Space

Office, Retail, Restaurant and Entertainment

  • Seek to stretch the downtown retail/business district from the Capitol Square and King Street toward the Monona Terrace and Wilson Street and activate the street levels for pedestrians and bicyclists on Doty, Wilson, and Pinckney Streets.
  • Draw residents and visitors to an eclectic mix of retail and restaurants that engage the sidewalk with activity to enhance the destination quality of the southeast area of the Capitol Square.

Bicycle Station Bicycle Station
Block 105: Bicycle Center Concept (Mobis, 2012)


  • Promote and enhance the utilization of bicycles as a viable mode of transportation through the creation of a sustainable, secure bicycle center that meets the needs of both the current bicycling community and the new cyclist.
  • Enhance Pinckney Street as an important connection for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Underground Parking Concept
Underground Parking Concept (Kimley-Horn, 2012)


  • Replace the Government East public parking facility with a new parking facility that serves the public parking needs in the area and the above grade development.
  • Design the parking structure at an affordable cost to the Parking Utility and its customers, and provide a customer-friendly parking experience.
  • Ensure the project, which has a 75+ year horizon life cycle cost, is affordable for the Parking Utility to continue in its mission to provide service to the public.

Density Plan
Block 105: Building Scale and Massing Concept (Potter-Lawson, 2012)

Design and Density

  • Incorporate exciting urban design and appropriate. Architectural themes, scale and massing to create a project design that is compatible with surrounding buildings including historic structures.
  • Develop the sites at an urban density compatible with surrounding buildings.
  • Transform the Pinckney Street linkage of the Capitol Square to Monona Terrace into a destination quality urban space.

walk and bike ways
Pinckney Street Bicycle/Pedestrian Connectivity

Intermodal Connectivity

  • Ensure high quality pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to Madison Metro, intercity bus and potential future passenger rail service.