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This project is primarily a new paved, multi-use (bicycle/pedestrian) path that will extend the Ice Age Junction Trial (IAJT) northwest from Raymond Road (near Oak View Drive) to Flagstone Drive at Quartz Lane (just east of CTH M). (see map of Raymond to Flagstone segment). At Raymond it will connect to the IAJT segment from McKee Road to Raymond Road constructed by Madison in 2013. The trail from Verona to McKee Road was completed by Dane County Parks two years ago. This is a paved, multi-use path, not to be confused with the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT) an un-paved walking trail which also shares this general corridor.  Between Raymond and Flagstone the new path will mostly traverse lands currently owned by Dane County Parks or City of Madison, including Flagstone Park. Dane County Parks is partnering with City of Madison on the lands and funding for this project.  It will generally be several hundred feet north of the existing IAT, which follows Upper Badger Mill Creek. The new path will cross the Creek on a new steel truss bridge a short distance north of Raymond Road. The project also includes a 500 foot long paved connecting path from the new path to the current south end of Jeffy Trail (south of Flagstone Drive). This is part of a larger concept to create a major north-south bike path extending from Verona to north of Mineral Point Road, roughly paralleling CTH M. (View the overall map of the Ice Age Junction Path). The planned segment from Flagstone Drive to Mid-Town Road is listed separately under planning projects. The current project will also include construction of new sanitary sewer from Raymond Road to serve lands in the Hawks Creek subdivision. The new pipes are generally located under or adjacent to the new path to minimize ground disturbance.  More recently, an additional element has been added to this project, consisting of significant storm pipe and open channel improvements downstream of the existing stormwater detention ponds east of Jeffy Trail. This work addresses exiting erosion issues and supports proposed land use changes in this area.

The total length of the path project is approximately 3180 feet (0.6 miles) including the connecting path to Jeffy Trail.

Construction is currently scheduled for late- 2013, pending receipt of necessary permits from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and approval of agreements with Dane County Parks, our partner in this project.

Preliminary cost estimate is around $380,000 for the path and bridge elements of the project. Sanitary Sewer work is estimated at $210,000. An estimate for stormwater improvements is not yet available.

Status as of 03/04/2013
Final plans and specifications for this project are currently being assembled by City Engineering staff.  Madison and Dane County Parks conducted a field reconnaissance of the corridor in 2010.  Detailed survey and plans for the main path and bridge were completed by the City's consultant in 2012. Madison also acquired property from the Madison Audubon Society in 2012, a small portion of which will be used for these paths.

A Public Information Meeting is scheduled for:
Thursday, March 14, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Madison Police West District Station, 1710 McKenna Blvd

City staff will present information about the project and seek input on the design.  All interested citizens are invited to attend.

Status as of 02/27/2012
Madison and Dane County Parks conducted a field reconnaissance of the corridor in 2010. Detailed survey has been completed and the consultant is completing final plans. Discussions are in progress to acquire some small pieces of land needed to complete the construction.

Public Comments
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Posted: 07/14/2015
There are a number of branches on the trail between Jeffy and PD, some quite large and difficult for one person to move. I'm concerned they're dangerous to cyclists especially if they are riding at dawn/dusk/night. Thanks. Joyce

City Staff Response:
Thanks for the report. It has been sent to our Operations group to respond.
Posted: 04/03/2014
Yeah, there was even waste on the trail itself as well as a lot of it along the sides.
Posted: 03/31/2014
Don't think the pet waste issue is solving itself...
Posted: 11/07/2013
Will there be signs (similar to those on other bike paths) on the path regarding dog waste? I've noticed that people are already leaving waste by the side of the path. This is an ongoing issue in the Jeffy Trail area as some dog owners leave waste (sometimes even in plastic bags!) on undeveloped land in this area.

City Staff Response:
We are looking into this, but will probably wait until the paths have been open for a while. Often this problem goes away as more people use a path and pet owners become more aware of being courteous to others.
Posted: 09/25/2013
It looks like the path from Flagstone to Raymond is going to be lit with street lights. Will the lights be on all the time at night? What type of lights will you be using? What color will the bulbs be? Is this the only section of the path that is going to be lit? I am concerned about lighting the dark night sky. It is nice to have the area dark for wildlife and stargazing.

City Staff Response:
Currently the plan is to de-energize every other light. Tentative shut off time is planned to be 11 pm, but this can be revised if there is support for changes. The lights will be downward directed LED lights with 4000 degree K color temperature.
Posted: 09/13/2013
I see there is some work occurring on this segment. Is there a timeline for completion? Also, what would be the next segments and timelines for the Hwy M bike paths?

Thank you.

City Staff Response:
The Ice age Junction path from Raymond Rd to Flagstone will be completed by around November 1, 2013. The Highway M path from Valley View to north of Mineral Point Road is under construction and will be completed this year. The path south of Flagstone to Verona is scheduled for 2015. The final segment from Flagstone to Valley View is scheduled for 2016.This will include an underpass of CTH M. (ASF 9-13-13)
Posted: 06/24/2013
Can a detailed planned route design map be provided for the Raymond to Flagstone segment, in particular, the planned route with respect to the existing Ice Age Trail? I notice that the actual installed bike path segment from McKee to Raymond is not consistent with the map found at and would like to see what the current plan looks like for the Raymond to Flagstone segment looks like.

I would strongly object to routing the bike path over the existing single track trail, or very near and parallel to the existing trail so as to be disruptive and intrusive to those using the existing trail (as was done with the McKee to Raymond Segment). Given how little publicly accessible natural wooded space remains in and around the city, especially on the far SW side, it would be a shame if the Ice Age Trail was paved over.

City Staff Response:
Corey - In the third line of the description above is a link to a more detailed map of the Raymond to Flagstone segment, which is current.  The overall map you refer to is more schematic, but still has a fairly good representation of the path we built from McKee to Raymond. We designed this segment in coordination with the Ice Age Trail Alliance, and revised our design to minimize impact on the walking trail.  We agree about the importance of this walking trail, and we did not pave over any parts of it.

Likewise for the Raymond to Flagstone segment we are working with the Trail Alliance. Our paved path will cross the trail in one location just north of the creek, but in general stays around 300 feet north of the trail. (The Ice Age trail generally follows the creek, on its north side, and much of it is visible on the air photo.)

The only place we might pave over it in the future is immediately east of CTH M, where the paved path and the walking trail will be combined to use a single underpass of the highway and will then diverge again on the west side of the highway. Hope this addresses your concerns.
Posted: 08/28/2012
Is the segment of the Ice Age Junction Path from Raymond Rd to Flagstone still on schedule for 2012? The segment from McKee to Raymond was very well done.

Thanks for your response.

City Staff Response:
Tom - It is now looking like the project from Raymond to Flagstone will be delayed until 2013. Plans are nearly done, but we need to acquire an easement.  We expect to bid the project later this year, but by the time a contractor is selected and under contract it will be too late in the year to begin construction.