City of

What is this? Bike Lanes
  • Anderson St., Stoughton Rd to International Ln
  • Badger Rd., Park St East to Overpass
  • Beltline Hwy Frontage Rd, Seminole Hwy to Atticus Ln
  • Bike Lanes on Whitney Way
  • Buffered Bike lane on South Point Rd
  • Corporate Dr., Milwaukee St to Blettner
  • East Springs, Zeier Rd to High Crossing Blvd
  • Hammersley, Rd Home Depot to Whitney Way
  • High Crossing, Am Fam to City View
  • Northport Dr., West CPL to Sherman
  • Acewood Bike Trail Lighting
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Projects
  • Bike/Ped Crossing modifications First St at E. Johnson
  • Crosswalk improvements, & walk timers Sherman Ave at Aberg

Proposals in Design

Most likely the construction funding is in place, construction year set and survey completed. We or our consultant are in the process of producing final plans.
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