City of

Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission
Develop and recommend to the Common Council policies and programs addressing the use and effects of the various elements of Pedestrian, Bicycle and Motor Vehicle systems and facilities to ensure the safe, efficient and economical movement of persons and goods in the city & the metropolitan area consistent with the commission's mission to support the city's distinct quality neighborhoods where people will want to live, work, do business, learn and play by providing comfortable safe and efficient transportation. The commission shall periodically review the city's Master Plan and its plan elements and shall adopt and approve an annual work plan in furtherance of the commission's purpose and responsibilities as set forth in the ordinance.

Board of Public Works
Approves public works projects for the city; holds public hearings relative to assessments for streets and storm sewer construction, and hears appeals from citizens and contractors relative to bids and special assessment notices.

Long Range Transportation Planning Committee
Address transportation planning issues and special initiatives involving the integration of the subjects of mutual concern to the Transit & Parking Comm., Ped/Bike/Motor Vehicle Comm., Plan Comm. and Board of Public Works.

Plan Commission
It is the function and duty of the Plan Commission to make and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the municipality. The commission makes reports and recommendations to the Common Council related to the plan and physical development of the city and on the location and architectural design of public buildings and other public projects. The commission also reviews and makes recommendations on any sale or lease of land, rezoning requests, annexations of land, subdivision plats and ordinance text amendments. The Plan Commission has final approval authority on land divisions (certified survey maps), conditional use requests and appeals of certain Urban Design Commission decisions.

The Madison Area Transportation Planning Board is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Madison Urban Area. As the MPO, it is the policy body responsible for cooperative, comprehensive regional transportation planning and decision making for the Madison Metropolitan Planning Area.