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Visual Bike Counter

Madison's first visual bike counter.

Madison Traffic Engineering and Parking Division is pleased to present data from the City's first automated visual bike counter. The bike counter is located on the south side of the Southwest Path, just Northeast of the intersection of Regent and Monroe Streets. The counter displays the number of daily bicyclists and annual bicyclists who pass it. Similar bike counters have been installed in bike-friendly cities around the world such as Portland, Orgeon and Copenhagen, Denmark.

The counter is not the first bicycle counter in the City, in fact the City has tracked bicycle usage for many years, rather this is the first bicycle counter that displays the number of riders to both passing path users and motorists on the nearby streets. It is one of many bike infrastructure improvements that continue to make Madison more bike-friendly. While the Counter provides real-time ridership information, it also serves as a welcoming gateway sign and bicyclists can see that they're part of a larger cycling community.

Visual Bike Counter

The Counter was manufactured by Eco Counter. Eco Counter is an international company that specializes in pedestrian and bike counting systems.

You can view date at the Visio Eco counter. Data is updated once per day.