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Pilgrim Park
2034 Westbrook Ln.

Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Neighborhood
Acres: 18.91
Restroom: No
Drinking Water: No

2401 McKenna Boulevard, path access at Homestead Road & Pilgrim Road, and 2200-block Frisch Road; sidewalk access between 2314 & 2402 Ravenswood Road.

Pilgrim Park Playground Replacement
The City of Madison will be replacing playground equipment at Pilgrim Park!  New playground equipment will be installed in spring/summer 2014!  The City of Madison has begun the playground design process for this playground replacement, and held a public input meeting regarding the project on December 10th.  Below is summary of the meeting, along with the exhibits that were presented at the public input meeting. Staff will use feedback gathered from the public input meeting to develop concepts for the playground, which staff will present at a playground meeting.  If interested in being notified of this playground meeting, please contact Sarah Lerner, Landscape Architect at or (608) 261-4281.

City of Madison Playground Design Process
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