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Quann Park
1802 Quann-Olin Pkwy.

Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Community
Acres: 55.43
Restroom: No
Drinking Water: Yes
Shoreline On: Wingra Creek

Quann Park is primarily an off-leash dog park and houses a large tennis court complex with 12 courts.  The Park is adjacent to the Wingra bike path and is home to a community garden.  It is also adjacent to the Alliant Energy Center and serves as over-flow parking on certain occasions and events. See chart below for dates.

Alliant Energy Center Overflow Parking Events – 2015 events list below.
All event dates and availability are subject to change.

2015 Events & Date(s) Bram St. tennis court access Wingra Creek ped. bridge tennis court access Olin Ave. vehicle access to tennis courts access to dog park
Midwest Horse Fair
April 15-23
no yes no no
Brat Fest
May 21-25
yes no no no
Race for the Cure May 30 yes yes yes yes
The Color Run
June 6
yes yes yes yes
Family Motor Coach Assn.
July 22-Aug. 3
No No no no
World Dairy Expo
Sept. 24-Oct. 6
yes no no no
Heart Walk
Oct. 9-10
yes yes yes yes


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