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Transit & Parking Commission


The Transit and Parking Commission shall make recommendations to the Council regarding policies on all transit and parking matters and shall be the official body which shall constitute a public utility within the meaning of Sec.66.066 & 66.068, and a transit comm. within the meaning of Sec. 66.943, State Stats., and shall function as a parking utility for the operation of the parking utility system for the city, a transit utility for the operation of the transit system for the city, and a utility capable of issuing revenue bonds for Council approval.

The Commission meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:00pm. For 2017, 201 W. Mifflin, Room 302, Central Library

Watch Transit and Parking Commission Mondays at Noon and Wednesdays at 2pm.

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  • Common Council Member David Ahrens
  • Common Council Member Arvina Martin
  • Common Council Member Rebecca Kemble
  • Citizen (Metro+ Eligible) David E. Tolmie
  • Citizen Member Wayne Bigelow
  • Citizen Member Gary L. Poulson
  • Citizen Member Margaret Bergamini
  • Citizen Member Ann E. Kovich
  • Citizen Member Kenneth Golden
  • First Alternate Michael M. Johnson
  • Second Alternate Kenneth M. Streit