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Current Detours

  • Route 81 New
    Eastbound Observatory closed between Charter and Park
  • Routes 4 & 13
    Mills St. closed between University Ave. and Johnson St.
  • Routes 27 & 44
    Mills St. closed between University Ave. and Johnson St.
  • Route 12
    Bridge Rd. closed

There are no current detours affecting @routeNumber.

Upcoming Detours

There are no upcoming detours.

There are no upcoming detours affecting @routeNumber.

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Rider Updates

winter riding

Winter Riding Tips

Learn these tips and tricks before heading out during winter weather! Need snow removed from your bus stop? Let us know here.

Woman boarding bus.

Sign up for Metro's Employee Pass Program!

Commuter pass options are a great way for businesses to provide a valuable service to employees and support a healthier environment!

Metro bus in front of State Capitol


Learn more about Mayor Rhodes-Conway's plan to invest in fast, reliable, and accessible transportation throughout the Madison region.

A Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicle in Chicago

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Learn more about the possible implementation of Madison’s first BRT corridor connecting the east and west sides of the city. 

Bus Departure Information Screen

Live Bus Departure Information Screens

Display Metro Transit live departure information at your business, school campus, or on your personal computer or mobile device.

An all-electric Proterra bus on the street

All-Electric Buses Coming to Madison

Metro expands fleet to include three zero-emission, all-electric buses.