WIAA Wrestling is back in Madison - Thurs, Feb 22 - 24, 2024.

It is recommended to use any of the multiple garages near the Capitol Square, all located in walking distance to the Kohl Center.  

Please be aware that if you decide to use the on-street parking around the Kohl Center, there are several posted parking restrictions that are enforced daily.  

Looking for a parking solution?

There are a variety of options and permits to complete any task.  From moving to deliveries, renovations/construction, and residential or monthly parking -- we have a solution for you!

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Lake Street side of the State Street Campus Garage - Under Construction

The Lake Street side of the State Street Campus Garage is currently under construction.  When completed, it will include additional public parking, an intercity bus terminal, retail and housing.

Winter Parking rules are in place from November 15 - March 15

Learn more about winter parking in your area and don't forget to sign up for Alternate Side Parking text alerts!