Common Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Common Council is to represent the residents of Madison by promoting the safety, health, and general well-being of the community by incorporating the City's core values into their work with currently available resources. The Council Office staff supports the alders in these efforts.

Budget Engagement

The City is facing a significant budget shortfall that will impact services. What City services do you value the most? What is your vision for the future of Madison?

Join us to discuss the budget, learn more about the services the City provides, and share your thoughts with elected officials.

2025 Budget Outlook


Upcoming Events

    • Madison Public Library - Goodman South Madison
      2222 South Park Street
    • Madison Municipal Building
      215 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
    • Black Hawk Middle School
      1402 Wyoming Way

Interpretation & Accommodations

If you need an interpreter, translator, materials in alternate formats or other accommodations to access this event, please contact the Office of the Common Council by email or by phone (608) 266-4071 at least three business days prior to the meeting.

Español: Para residentes de habla español, favor de Communiqués con Enoch Melgarejo, por correo electronic para obtener mas informacion o ayuda con el registro,

Hmoob: Muaj kev txhais lus ua ntu zus thiab kev txhais lus ib txhij rau cov neeg tsis paub lus Askiv. Kev txhais lus yuav muaj ua cov lus hauv qab no, Lus Hmoob, Lus Mev thiab Lus Suav. Rau cov neeg nyob hauv uas hais lus Hmoob, thov hu rau Ze Yang, Tus Hais Tau Ob Hom Lus Sib Txuas Hauv Zej Zog, yog muaj lus nug txog qhov koob tsheej no los sis pab rau koj tso npe. Koj tuaj yeem tiv tauj rau Ze Yang los ntawm kev xa email rau:

中文:對于講中文的居民們,如對該會議有問題或需要幫助注冊,請聯系您的華人社區聯絡轉員陳弘(Holly Chen)。您可以通過電子郵件聯系陳弘(Holly Chen) 

News Releases

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, May. 21, 2024 6:30pm
Wednesday, May. 29, 2024
Notice of possible quorum
Thursday, May. 30, 2024
Notice of possible quorum
Tuesday, Jun. 4, 2024 6:30pm
Wednesday, Jun. 5, 2024
Notice of possible quorum

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