Ski Trails

Ski Trail
Over 22 miles of signed and groomed trails await cross-country skiers at 7 Madison Parks locations. Trail difficulties range from easy to advanced.   The skiing trails are typically open after the first snowfall over 4" depending on the type of snow and the conditions and continues, as weather permits through the following spring.

2017 cross-country ski permits will be available after December 1 and are required for Elver Park, Odana Hills and Yahara Hills golf courses.  This annual pass is also valid on Dane County Park Ski Trails. This permit is valid from date of issue through December 31 of the permit year. Trail conditions are weather-dependent and permit fees are non-refundable.

Fee-based trails will have a higher level of grooming (3-4 times a week, as conditions allow) and are groomed for both skate and classic skiing. Free ski trails are groomed at weekly as weather conditions allow for classic cross-country skiing. 

To groom the ski trails, we typically need at least 4 inches of snow, however it depends on the type of snow and conditions. To stay updated on the ski trail conditions, subscribe to email updates on My Account.  

  • A trail pass is required at Elver Park, Odana Hills and Yahara Hills golf courses and groomed Dane County Park trails
  • For your safety, some trails are marked for one-way use. Please follow these directions.
  • Trails are rated for difficulty at the trailhead.
  • Dogs, horses, snowboards, motor vehicles and snowshoes are not allowed on designated cross-country ski trails.
  • Skiers must stay on groomed trails. Off-trail skiing can damage greens and tees on the golf courses and harm wildlife and plants at parks.
  • Please report any safety hazard, vandalism, or damaged facilities to the Parks Office, (608) 266-4711.
  • Trails are groomed for both skate and cross-country style skiing.
  • Slower skiers please stay to the right.
  • Please no hiking or snowshoeing on groomed ski trails.
For more information, please call (608) 266-4711.


  • Cherokee Marsh (South Unit) - Ski Trail

    Location: 5002 School Road
    Ski Trail Details
  • Door Creek Park - Ski Trail

    Location: 7035 Littlemore Dr.
    Ski Trail Details
  • Elver Park Ski Trails

    Location: 1250 McKenna Blvd.
    Ski Trail Details
  • Odana Hills Golf Course - Ski Trail

    Location: 4635 Odana Rd.
    Ski Trail Details
  • Owen Conservation Park - Ski Trail

    Location: 6021 Old Sauk Rd.
    Ski Trail Details
  • Turville Point Conservation Park - Ski Trail

    Location: 1156 Olin Turville Ct.
    Ski Trail Details
  • Yahara Hills Golf Course - Ski Trail

    Location: 6701 Hwy 12 & 18 East
    Ski Trail Details

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