11/19/2015, 03:07 PM

Like many of you, I often head off to work in the morning taking the dreaded Beltline (if ever there was a more compelling reason to take the bus, this is prima facie proof)!  Since I am typically in the office downtown between 6:30-7:00 a.m., traffic flow is not at gridlock (yet) and I often feel like the Pied Piper (or the pace car at Indy) leading a parade of vehicles who desperately want to pass me but are fearful of doing so knowing full well that the loosely camouflaged car driving t ...

11/12/2015, 03:02 PM

I have just concluded another round of citywide community forums.  By going to all of the various Districts and bringing the host command staff with me to address concerns unique and specific to that District, we have continued our commitment for face-to-face engagement.  The only "ground rules" that accompany these venues is that there are time limits placed on speakers when there is an abundance of people and issues, in order to give more individuals the chance to register an opinio ...

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