09/01/2015, 03:20 PM

At the outset of my remarks, I want to express my empathy for the rigorous challenges facing the Mayor and Common Council as they begin the painful process of budgeting for the City’s needs in 2016 and beyond.  I have taken the time to listen to the Mayor and his Chief Financial Officer as they have painted a bleak picture of fiscal gloom and doom;  a narrative not begun under his watch but it’s his problem now and forevermore.   And I will stipulate that tough decision ...

08/17/2015, 08:49 AM

Community Partnership exists as one of the Core Values of the Madison Police Department.  For many years we were incredibly fortunate to partner with Dr. Darren Bean.  Under his direction, the MPD became one of the first police agencies in the country to implement ‘Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation, or CCR.  Today this method has become a standard of first responder training throughout the country.  Tragically, Dr. Bean lost his life in a Med Flight helicopter crash in May of 20 ...

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