02/20/2017, 12:30 PM

It has often been said that being a police officer is like having a ringside seat on the entire spectrum of the human condition.  When I appear at neighborhood forums or recruits ask you to talk about calls we’ve been on, you never have to embellish or make stuff up. . .life is truer than fiction! While stories of “shots fired,” SWAT incidents, or tracking a “high profile” criminal case may be the sort of thing that we have been conditioned to expect from media coverage (and why I con ...

01/30/2017, 01:52 PM

As Chief, I am frequently contacted with suggestions from those who want to influence MPD policies and procedures; suggestions for new initiatives and calls for the dismantling of current protocols.  These come to me through concerted letter writing campaigns, coordinated emails, community forums, via our elected officials, the legislative process, budgetary square-off's,  provocative media reports, emerging "best practices,"  lawsuits, and new judicial precedents. All can influe ...

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Chief of Police

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