04/16/2015, 08:21 AM

The Capital Times recently printed an opinion piece from Amelia Royko Maurer and Greg Gelembuik that excoriated this Department's response to multiple public records requests concerning the shooting death of Tony Robinson.  The City Attorney's Office, along with our Department, felt it was absolutely necessary to respond to this story due to a copious amount of inaccurate statements that were made throughout the entire article.  The writers assume that MPD sought to release those reco ...

04/13/2015, 08:28 AM

Like many of you, this past week I watched in utter disbelief and horror as we again witnessed instances of police misbehavior captured for all of the world to see.  This time, the venues were South Carolina and California.  And while none of us is privy to all of the facts at this time, on the face of things, these episodes shock the sensibilities of anyone--citizens and cops--who have watched these images unfold. As chief, trying to differentiate and distance our Department fro ...

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