Police and Fire Commission (PFC)

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Regular meetings on the second Monday of each month provide ongoing oversight of the Madison Police Department and Madison Fire Department.

Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023
Notice of possible quorum
10:00 am
Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023 12:30 pm
Monday, Dec. 11, 2023 5:30 pm

See all PFC meeting dates, agendas, and minutes

For a complete list of all video recordings of meetings, search for “Police and Fire Commission” in the Additional Meetings channel of the City of Madison Mediasite library.

Police and Fire Commission (PFC) Complaint Procedures and Rules

Police and Fire Commission (PFC) Decisions

Note: This list and the attached decisions are a sample only and are not a comprehensive collection of all decisions by the Board.

In Alphabetical Order:

What is the PFC?

The Police and Fire Commission is an independent statutory body overseeing the hiring, promotion, discipline, and terminations of police and fire personnel in the City of Madison. The 5 commissioners are appointed by the Mayor to staggered five year terms. The purpose of having an independent commission is to separate police and fire staffing matters from local politics.

Make Your Voice Heard

  • Members of the public who wish to offer comment during the public comment period must register in advance using the City of Madison’s  online registration system online registration system. The order of speakers will be based on the order of submission of the completed Registration Form. Based on the PFC’s standard practice, each speaker will be limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes.
  • Email the commissioners at pfc@cityofmadison.com
  • Leave a voicemail: Madison residents without internet access can be directed to call (608) 266-6574 and leave a voicemail. City staff will type a transcript of each message and email it to the PFC.

Haga oír tu voz

Madison está contratando a un nuevo jefe de policía:

  • Envíe un correo electrónico a los comisionados a pfc@cityofmadison.com.
  • Los residentes de Madison sin acceso a internet pueden llamar al (608) 266-6574 y dejar un comentario en el correo de voz.

Yog koj xav kom peb hnov koj cov kev xav tau

Tam sim no lub zos Madison xav ntiav Tus Thawj Coj Tub Ceev Xwm tshiab:

  • Sau ntawv email rau tus coj cov saib kev ntiav Thawj Coj Tub Ceev Xwm tim pfc@cityofmadison.com.
  • Yog hais tias koj sau tsis tau ntawv email vim koj tsis muaj internet, thov hu xovtooj rau (608) 266-6574 thiab qhia rau hauv xovtooj koj cov kev xav tau.

PFC News

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