Community Events on Madison Streets

What is a Street Use Permit and When is One Required?

The streets in possession of the City are primarily for the use of the public in the ordinary way. However, under proper and uniform circumstances special street use may be permitted, subject to reasonable municipal regulation and control. (MGO 10.056(1)).

A Street Use Permit is the required permit that allows individuals or groups to use City streets-including sidewalks, parking spaces/lanes and State Street performance areas-for an event or activity.

A Street Use Permit is required if any of the following apply:

  • The request is to close or reserve any portion of a City street for an event or activity-including requests to use sidewalks, parking lanes or spaces.
  • The proposed time for the event would create more than minimal disruption or rerouting of traffic from the requested street(s).
  • The event is scheduled at one of the State Street performance areas outside of the time periods allowed by an Amplification Permit.

If your event requires a Street Use Permit, proceed to "STEP 1: Planning Your Event."