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Community Events In Madison Parks
When is a Park Event Permit Required?
All organizers requesting the use of a Madison park for an event need to submit a community events application packet. The Madison Parks Division is an extensive operation with a wide variety of park users and neighbors. The primary mission of the Parks Division is to provide citizens and visitors with open space and facilities for recreation and relaxation. Part of that mission is to provide opportunities for community events that promote the vitality of Madison.

New Community Events

If the application is for a new event, approval by the Board of Park Commissioners may be required. Please include a one page narrative with the application and materials submitted for the event. The application and narrative will be reviewed by Parks staff and presented to the Board. The Board of Park Commissioners meet on the second Wednesday of the month and agenda items must be submitted by the 1st Tuesday of the month. Proposals submitted less than 45 days prior to an event will not be considered.

Returning Community Events

Approval from the Board of Park Commissioners may also be required if the plans for a returning event differ significantly from previous year’s events. Examples of changes that may require Board approval are: expansion of venue, gated admission, selling beer, additional stages, significantly increased attendance, etc. These applications must also be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the event.

Multi-Day Events

When scheduling a multi-day event or program in a Madison Park, several variables are taken into account to determine the best location for the event. Variables such as park size, proximity to residential areas, parking availability, sanitary facilities, and regularly scheduled activities in the park are considered.

The following parks have been designated as suitable sites for multi-day events and/or programming:

  • Bowman*
  • Brittingham
  • Demetral
  • Elver*
  • Olin
  • Reindahl
  • Vilas
  • Warner*

*These sites host various athletic programming every year from May 1 through August 31. During this season, parking and access to a park site may be limited, if not unavailable. Consequently, requests to hold events at these sites, during this time frame, may not be approved. In the event of a potential programming conflict, Parks Staff can advise event sponsors regarding suitable alternative sites that may be available.


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