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Community Events In Madison Parks
When is a Park Event Permit Required?
The Madison Parks Division is an extensive operation with a wide variety of parks and park users. The primary mission of the Parks Division is to provide citizens and visitors with open space and facilities for recreation and relaxation. However, special events may be allowed through the permitting process detailed here. Park event permits are intended to regulate and control the use of City parks so that the safety and general welfare of the public and our parks can be protected and maintained.

What makes a park use request a special event?

Here are a few examples of when a park use request may be considered a special event:

  • A large number of participants are expected.
  • The event will be promoted to the general public.
  • Admission will be charged.
  • A park not normally used for events, such as a neighborhood park or beach, has been requested.
  • Beer will be sold.
  • The purpose of the event is to raise money, whether for a non-profit/charity or as a commercial venture.
  • The event will use extensive space in a park.

Are you a Neighborhood Association planning an event in your City of Madison park? Please visit Neighborhood Association Park Events.

If you are not sure whether your event qualifies as a special event, contact the Community Events Assistant, (608) 264-9289 or email

If your event requires a Park Event Permit, proceed to "STEP 1: Planning Your Event."

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