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Community Events In Madison Parks
Parks Event Fee Schedule
Use this schedule to aid your event budget planning. Final fee assessment is done by Community Events Staff. This schedule is subject to change without notice. NT = Non-Taxed Item

Park Event Fees

Programmed Event Scheduling Fee (based on size and complexity of event) $200, $500, or $1,500 (NT)
Successive Day Scheduling Fee $50.00 (NT)
Past Application Deadline Fee (60 days for community events) $250.00 (NT)
Commercial Shoots (video, still, catalog): Full Day $225.00 (NT), Half Day $175.00 (NT)
Labor Charge $50 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Damage to property at cost, plus 10%
Event Cancellation Charge $200 (NT)

Parks Permit Fees
Temporary Structure $210.00
Temporary Structure – each successive day fee $35.00
P. A. Permit (Amplified Sound) $100.00 (NT)
Beer Permit (to serve – no sales – alcohol in a non-alcohol park) $50.00
Beer Selling Permit $700.00 (NT)
Fireworks (per occurrence) $350.00 (NT)

Park Event Vending Permit Fees
Daily $275.00 (NT)

Daily Non-Profit/Public purpose $75.00(NT)
Special Event Vending Permit (up to 7 vendors) $845.00 (NT)

Equipment and Deposits
Trash Barrels ($12.50 per barrel, 8 barrel minimum)

Dumpsters (per dumpster, per tip) $284.36
Key Deposit for Shelters (Refundable) $30.00 (NT)
Key Deposit - Olin, Warner, Gates or Elver #2 Shelter (Refundable) $300.00 (NT)
Cleanup Deposit - (Refundable) $3,000.00 (NT)


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