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Vending in a Park is the selling of a product, service, food, refreshments, lessons, etc. in a Madison Park. Madison Ordinance 8.17 states that anyone who sells anything in a City Park must have a Park vending permit. This is true for everyone, including those who have other kinds of vending permits from the City of Madison.

To sell in a park at a Community event, a vendor must have permission from the event sponsor. An event sponsor may choose to charge a vendor for participating in an event, but the vendor will still need to purchase a Park vending permit.

An event sponsor may purchase a Community event vending permit, or Umbrella Permit, which covers up to 7 vendors. The sponsor must also cover all vendors under the sponsor’s insurance. If a sponsor has purchased this Umbrella Vending Permit, those vendors covered by it do not need to purchase an additional Park Vending Permit or furnish proof of insurance.

Vending applications from every vendor participating in your Community event must be received in the Parks Office 30 days prior to the event. This includes the 7 vendors covered under the Umbrella Permit.

Park Vending Fees

Daily $275.00
Annual $950.00
Special Event Vending Permit (up to 7 vendors) $845.00

Food Vendors

If a vendor is selling food which will be prepared on site, the City of Madison also requires a temporary restaurant permit, which is available from the City Clerk’s Office. This permit is not required for selling food or beverages which are prepackaged. The City’s Public Health Department can provide more information on this permit and their requirements for the safe handling of food.

People who have food vending carts approved by the City for vending on the Mall/Capitol Concourse will already have insurance on file with the City and will not have to furnish additional proof of insurance coverage. However, Mall vending is different from Park vending. If they are vending in a park, they will still need to purchase a Park vending permit, unless an event sponsor chooses to cover them under a Community event vending permit.

Food Vendors must have a Temporary Restaurant License before receiving approval as a Park Vendor. You may get this license in the City Clerk’s Office.

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