Re-Inspection Fee

Madison General Ordinance 27.09(5)(A) requires that Building Inspection charge a fee for re-inspections in excess of one, which are conducted to ensure compliance with an Official Notice.

If you have additional questions please call Building Inspection at (608) 266-4551 and ask to speak to a Housing Inspector.

Re-Inspection Fees
Code Conferences No Charge
Re-inspection resulting in compliance No Charge
All re-inspections not resulting in compliance $75.00 each
No entry $35.00 each

Code Conference:  A visit to a property for the purpose of clarifying work to be done or methods to be used. No re-inspection of work completed takes place at a code conference. Conferences generally take place before work starts or while work is in progress. A visit to the site to determine whether work completed is in compliance with codes is a re-inspection, not a code conference.

No Entry:  If an inspector visits a property and is unable to reinspect any items listed on the official notice, the re-inspections classified as a no entry. No entry situations usually occur after the owner or manager declines to make an appointment far re-inspection. See note 1 under General Policies.

Partial Re-inspections:  A visit to a property for the purpose of re-inspection when some, but not all, items of an official notice are re-inspected. See note 2 under General Policies.

Re-inspection:  A visit to a property by a code enforcement officer made in order to inspect work that has done to correct a violation of Madison General Ordinance Chapter 27. Re-inspections take place after an official notice, verbal or written, has been issued to the owner of the property.

Last Updated: 03/29/2012

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