Odana Hills Park Playground Replacement - Contract: 2018 Playground Replacements Group 1

Last Updated: 06/18/2018

Work has begun on the contract to replace the playground at Odana Hills Park!
OdanaHills Playground

Contractor Madison Commercial Landscapes Inc., who submitted the lowest (and only) bid received at the opening on 3/15/2018 for $122,248.50 began breaking ground the week of May 14th and encountered several sections of concrete curb probably from other street projects.  While this discovery will not slow construction down, it is an example of some of the unknowns that park improvement projects can encounter!  Provided that the weather cooperates (the recent heavy rains are an example of the type of weather that will cause delays), work is anticipated to be completed the week of June 18th.

Thanks to a successful, neighborhood-led fundraising effort, the Option 1 proposal with both of the modifications described below will be the equipment installed at the park - well done!

Please share this information and contact Kate Kane at (608) 261-9671 or at kkane@cityofmadison.com if you have any questions about the project.


Parks began public meetings to discuss the project in advance of the finalization of the budget to keep the planning and construction bidding process on-schedule for construction in 2018.  The first of two meetings was held on October 26th to discuss playground equipment age range, surfacing, proposed project location, timeframe and budget.  Materials from that session can be found at the links, below.

At the second meeting (on 12/7 at Sequoya Library) to vote from among two proposals from the manufacturer (Playworld) selected during the first workshop meeting, attendees selected Option 1 as the preferred proposal, with the request that the following modifications be made, if they can occur within budget and without altering the overall design substantially:  swap the Slither Slide for a Spiral Slide (similar to Option 2) and swap the Spiral Horizontal Ladder for the Round-About shown in Option 2.  Parks staff will work with the manufacturer to determine which, if any, of these requests can be incorporated into the Option 1 proposal, and will share the revision via email to the attendees from the meetings, the neighborhood association and on this site. The original proposals are shown, below, in the color (lime green and blue) and age-range (5-12) that were also selected during the first workshop session.

The prices for the specific changes requested are shown, below.  Currently an account has been created with the Madison Parks Foundation to fundraise for the second option - to change the Spiral Horizontal Ladder to a Round-About as shown in Option 2.
All funds will need to be in-place with Madison Parks Foundation on or prior to February 19, 2018 to keep the project on-schedule.

  • Change the Slither Slide to a Spiral Slide; cost increase of $1,322.00
  • Change the Spiral Horizontal Ladder for a Round-About; cost increase of $969.00


Playground Workshop Session - October 26 at Midvale Elementary