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800 N Block East Washington Project Statement from Otto Gebhardt, and Tim and Kevin Metcalfe

October 22, 2013 8:04 AM

I received the following statement regarding the status of the grocery store in the development proposal for the 800 block of E. Washington Ave.



Subject: 800 N Block East Washington Project Statement

To: District 2 Alder, TLNA President

Alder Zellers and Joe Lusson-

After months of work and negotiation, Gebhardt Development and Metcalfe's Market were unable to

come to terms to move forward on the 800 Block East Washington project together and have amicably

parted ways. Gebhardt Development will be pursuing alternate store operators for the site.

Otto Gebhardt and Tim and Kevin Metcalfe would like to thank the community and Tenney-Lapham

neighborhood for the support and enthusiasm given to the project. Gebhardt Development will

continue to work closely with the Neighborhood and is looking forward to continued contributions to

this great City.



Tim Metcalfe

Kevin Metcalfe

Otto Gebhardt III

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