Parks & Open Space Plan

2012-2017 Park and Open Space Plan

The 2012-2017 Park and Open Space Plan was adopted by the City of Madison Common Council on May 15, 2012.  The purpose of the Park and Open Space Plan (POSP) is to serve as a long range planning guide for decisions made by City Boards and Commissions, City agencies and staff. It is a tool used to guide decisions for a variety of Park and Open Space issues such as city policies, park acquisitions, facility development, as well as park funding. The POSP is also a necessary component to be eligible for Federal and State grants.

This plan is the culmination of an intensive planning and public input process which began in November of 2010 and has been guided by the Long Range Planning Subcommittee of the Park Commission, the advisory committee to this plan.  This plan embarked on a public input process, unique to prior Park and Open Space Plans and included three public input meetings, public City committee meetings and solicitation of formal public input through public surveys which received over 1,500 responses.  These planning and public input gathering efforts are unprecedented and have provided an extensive inventory and analysis of the existing and future City of Madison park system.