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Q. I have a disability and need an accommodation during the employment process. What should I do?
A. If you need a reasonable accommodation during the employment process, including filling out an application, please contact the City's Occupational Accommodations Specialist at (608) 267-1156. If you will need an accommodation during the testing process, the need for an accommodation should be indicated on the application. The City's Occupational Accommodations Specialist can assist with the test accommodations process. Please contact the City's Occupational Accommodations Specialist at (608) 267-1156 or email

Q. Can I apply online?
A. Yes.

Q. The job I am applying for only accepts online applications. Does the City offer internet access to the public?
A. Free internet access is available for you to apply for City positions. Locations include Madison Public Library branches.

Q. Can I submit my application directly to the department with the job vacancy?
A. No. All applications must be submitted online. After review by the Human Resources Department and examination, certified applicants are forwarded to the respective departments. Submission of applications to other departments will cause a delay in the receipt of your application in a timely manner and could cause your application to be considered late and not accepted.

Q. I was filling out my application and I lost all my information. What happened?
A. You may have used the Back Button (located on your toolbar) which when used removes all data. To avoid losing your information save your information periodically. You can then save all of your information so it can be automatically imported into your application every time you apply!

Q. I'm working on the application and have questions. What should I do?
A. Phone Human Resources at (608) 266-4615; Fax (608) 267-1115; WI Relay Service.

Q. The information I'm viewing doesn't seem to be current. What can I do?
A. City of Madison job listings are updated in real time. It is important to note the opening and closing date on the job posting to which you are applying.

Q. How do I know the City has successfully received my online application?
A. After you have submitted your online application, you will receive an email confirmation. You can also check your own personal home page for verification that you have successfully sent your application.

Q. What happens after I submit my application?
A. After the posted closing date, all applications are screened to ensure applicants meet the minimum qualifications required for the position. Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements will not continue in the application process and will be notified online, typically about two weeks after the closing date. Candidates with qualifications that best meet the positions needs will be invited for appropriate testing/interviews.

Q. If I am screened out of a process but I believe I possess the minimum qualifications for the position, is there a way to contest being screened out?
A. Yes. An applicant may contest exclusion from the process by submitting, in writing (email is acceptable), to the HR Department, the reasons why the applicant believes s/he should not have been excluded from the process. This must be submitted within 5 business days from the date the applicant was informed of his/her elimination from the process. Time is of the essence as the recruitment/selection process will continue during this time. Any additional information submitted will be reviewed and a new determination on the applicant's status will be made. The applicant will be informed within 5 business days of the receipt of additional information whether s/he will be restored in the process. The decision of the HR Department is final and may not be appealed.

Q. Will I be notified even if I'm not going to be considered for the position?
A. All applicants are notified of their status in the selection process.

Q. If a position is not currently open, may I still apply?
A. No. The City of Madison only accepts applications for currently posted positions.

Q. I don't see the job I'm interested in today. Does the City have more career opportunities?
A. You can only apply for current job listings however you are encouraged to sign up for an account with the City of Madison. This feature provides you with the opportunity to check off job classifications that interest you, which will generate automatic emails when a new job opens up! To sign up, go to Stay Informed on Job Opportunities.

Q. If I applied for a position previously and that position is posted again later, do I need to reapply?
A. Yes. Each job announcement requires a separate application.

Q. Does the City of Madison have a minimum age requirement for its positions?
A. Yes, the City generally requires applicants to be age 18 in order to be considered for a City position. This is because of employment laws in the State of Wisconsin that limit the hours of employees under age 18. Certain positions may be appropriate for employees under age 18. If this is the case, it will be noted on the job announcement that applicants under age 18 are allowed to apply.

Q. What do I need to submit with my application?
A. Each position varies. Check the job announcement to find out what Supplemental Applications, Questions, and attachments are needed. Resumes and cover letters maybe submitted as an attached document with your online application. Educational, experience, licensing, certifications and training requirements are unique to each position.

Q. What type of benefits does the City of Madison offer its employees?
A. Each job posting will include benefit information.

Q. How can I contact the Human Resources Department?
A. City of Madison Human Resources: 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Room 501, Madison, WI 53703
Hours: Mon - Fri 8am-4:30pm | Phone: (608) 266-4615 | WI Relay Service | Jobline 24/7: (608) 266-6500

Q. How do I apply for positions with the Fire Department or Police Department?
A. Fire and Police recruitment procedures are separate from the City's standard application process. Go to Fire Recruitment and Police Recruitment for more information.

Q. Does the City of Madison have a residency requirement?
A. Some positions have residency requirements while others do not. Every job announcements lists any residency requirement. Go to Residency Requirement for more information.

Q. I'm a student seeking opportunities with the City of Madison. Where can I find more information?
A. The City offers various opportunities including part-time employment, internships and seasonal/hourly opportunities. Some volunteer opportunities are available in specific agencies. All employment opportunities with the City of Madison are posted on our website. Go to Volunteer & Intern Opportunities for more details.

Q. Can I take a civil service test for the City?
A. The City doesn't have a standard civil service exam. Many of our positions require testing, but tests are job-specific and scheduled after a person files an application for an announced opening.

Q. I can't make it to my scheduled test. May I have an alternate date/time?
A. Only in the case of a documented emergency will a request to reschedule a written test be considered. A conflict of work hours does not qualify as an emergency. No alternate schedule arrangements will be made for an oral board interview or performance exam.
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