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2011 Conference: Kaleem Caire, President, Urban League of Greater Madison

Episode first aired on 2/5/2011

After a decade living on the east coast and working in Washington DC, Kaleem Caire returned to Madison, his hometown, to take the helm at the Urban League of Greater Madison. He worked for national-level non-profits like Fight For Children and major foundations, like Target, and has returned with big city bluster and big ideas. In his first month in the job as the president for Urban League, he demanded percentages from the Madison Metropolitan Public School District about graduation rates for black students, a woeful percentage that before then was not widely publicized-and the Madison school district complied. Although the Urban League primarily focuses on job training, most publicly Caire has stormed back into his hometown with the idea that he will open a charter school, Madison Preparatory Academy. Students will dress sharply in red blazers and pressed whites. It will be a challenging International Baccalaureate curriculum, and catering to underserved and often under-achieving minorities students.