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2011 Conference: Plenary featuring Stephanie Ricketts, Willy Street Co-Op

Episode first aired on 11/15/2011

Sustain Dane presents the Badger Bioneer Conference, which highlights the work of Madisonians who are busy creating a sustainable future, whether by greening their businesses, imparting Earth knowledge in the classroom, or nurturing the people and places of their communities. This Plenary session features Stephanie Ricketts from the Willy Street Co-Op, who believes that being the Willy Street neighborhood's locus for groceries means that the Co-Op can have a profound influence on peoples' purchasing habits and understanding of "organic" and "natural" foods. But it can also serve as an inspiration to those who are looking for deeper ways to engage in sustainable, community-oriented lifestyles. Whether promoting charitable giving via the hugely impactful Community CHIP program, educating its owners on local food production, or initiatives like the recently-launched "Eat Local Challenge", the Co-Op helps thousands of individuals come together to support common cause.