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Downtown Madison Rotary is a diverse collection of civic-minded business and professional community leaders united worldwide, who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. They are a diverse collection of civic-minded business and professional community leaders who meet each week for fellowship, professional enrichment, and the opportunity for service. They provides an opportunity for business development networking with a variety of community business leaders and professionals. Rotarians help each other and collectively help others.

Madison City Channel strives to cover various speeches that Madison Rotary hosts. These speeches include a wide variety of issues and subjects. They range in local to international issues that affect everyone.

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Downtown Madison Rotary presents: Race to Equity

Episode first aired on 11/29/2013

Downtown Madison Rotary presents: Race to Equity
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Downtown Madison Rotary presents UW Head Football Coach Gary Anderson

Episode first aired on 8/25/2013

Downtown Madison Rotary presents UW Head Football Coach Gary Anderson
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Mayor Paul Soglin: "Closing the Gaps? Education, Poverty, Justice"

Episode first aired on 8/6/2013

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin speaks on "Closing the Gaps? Education, Poverty, Justice."
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Madison Mayor Paul Soglin

Episode first aired on 1/30/2013

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin delivers remarks on the state of the City in 2013.
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Common Council President Shiva Bidar-Sielaff

Episode first aired on 9/26/2012

5th District Alderperson and Madison Common Council President Shiva Bidar-Sielaff reports on the challenges facing the City, the role of the Common Council in meeting these challenges, and her role as the President of the Council.
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Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne on “A Plan for Justice in Dane County”

Episode first aired on 9/12/2012

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne discusses his plans for progressive and fair law enforcement, which includes prevention and diversion programs, and his goals for prompt and fair justice while providing critical services to crime victims and their families.
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David Maraniss, author of “Barack Obama: The Story”

Episode first aired on 7/31/2012

The Downtown Madison Rotary presents Madison author David Maraniss, who discusses his new book, "Barack Obama: The Story."
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Menzie Chinn, author of “Lost Decades: The Making of America’s Debt Crisis and the Long Recovery”

Episode first aired on 1/9/2012

Menzie Chinn, Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs, talks about his book, "Lost Decades: The Making of America's Debt Crisis and the Long Recovery."
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Rick Mattoon: how the Great Recession has Impacted Wisconsin

Episode first aired on 11/12/2011

Rick Mattoon is a senior economist and economic advisor in the economic research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Mattoon's primary research focuses on issues that face the Midwest regional economy, and his presentation discusses causes and possible cures for the economic slowdown in Wisconsin.
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Downtown Madison Rotary presents Professor Jeremi Suri on “Nation-Building”

Episode first aired on 10/26/2011

Jeremi Suri is the Mack Brown Distinguished Professor for Global Leadership, History, and Public Policy at the University of Texas at Austin. Americans are a nation-building people, and in "Liberty's Surest Guardian," Professor Suri looks to America's history to see both what it has to offer to failed states around the world and what it should avoid.
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David Baskerville on Long Term Stretch Targets for Wisconsin?

Episode first aired on 10/14/2011

David Baskerville, who served on economic development groups under Jim Doyle and is an internationally-regarded business consultant, will speak about what he calls "stretch targets" for Wisconsin economic development; his premise is that such targets are needed to get Wisconsin moving again both economically and educationally.
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Madison Mayor Paul Soglin

Episode first aired on 9/16/2011

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin discusses the budget challenges facing the City of Madison under the proposed State budget.
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Head UW Football Coach Bret Bielema

Episode first aired on 8/19/2011

Head University of Wisconsin-Madison Football Coach Bret Bielema presents an update on the prospects for the upcoming season.
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Efforts in Afghanistan

Episode first aired on 7/15/2011

Julia Bolz, the founder of Ayni Education International (which builds schools and strengthens the Afghan education system), shares stories of hope, opportunity and peace from war-ravaged Afghanistan.
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Kaleem Caire, Urban League of Greater Madison

Episode first aired on 6/24/2011

Kaleem Caire, Executive Director of the Urban League of Greater Madison, discusses his controversial plan to create the first all-male preparatory charter school in the State of Wisconsin.
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Jennifer Alexander and Sean Robbins on Advance Madison

Episode first aired on 6/10/2011

Jennifer Alexander, President of Thrive and of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, and Thrive Executive Vice President Sean Robbins, discuss the Advance Madison project, an initiative to encourage economic development and growth in the Madison region.
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Arab Spring: Continuity or Change in the Middle East?

Episode first aired on 5/20/2011

UW Political Science Professor Jon Pevehouse will discuss the ongoing political unrest in the Middle East and consider the opportunities as well as threats it poses to the United States as well as what our appropriate role is regarding the various countries involved.
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Bill Lueders: A Rabblerouser's take on Madison's Image vs. Madison's Reality

Episode first aired on 5/6/2011

Bill Lueders has been covering Madison government and politics for over 25 years and will discuss how the present political controversies contradict or reinforce Madison's reputation as a hotbed of radical views.
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Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates Debate

Episode first aired on 3/25/2011

Presented by Downtown Madison Rotary, between JoAnne Kloppenburg and David Prosser, candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
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Dane County Executives Candidate Debate

Episode first aired on 3/18/2011

Presented by Downtown Madison Rotary, between Dane County Executive Candidates Eileen Bruskewitz and Joe Parisi.
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Andy Davison on the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Episode first aired on 1/14/2011

Downtown Madison Rotary Club member Andy Davison spoke of his experiences in the Civil Rights movement and his memories of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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Dick Wagner & Susan Schmitz: Regional Transit Authority: What? And What For?

Episode first aired on 1/7/2011

Dick Wagner, Chair of the Dane County Regional Transit Authority, and Susan Schmitz, President of Downtown Madison, Inc., and a member of the RTA, present an overview of the purpose and goals of the RTA, which is charged with coming up with a regional transit plan that could include buses and light rail.
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Architect Jeffrey Scherer on Madison's Redesigned Central Library

Episode first aired on 12/11/2010

Jeffrey Scherer, architect designing the new Central Downtown Library, reports on the progress of the project and on the input given by the Madison public.
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United States Senator Herb Kohl

Episode first aired on 9/11/2010

Wisconsin's senior United States Senator Herbert Kohl speaks on issues including health care and financial reform.
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Laura Heisler: Town Center of Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Episode first aired on 7/24/2010

Laura Heisler, Programming Director for the Town Center of Wisconsin Discovery Institute, presented an overview of this new downtown facility. The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery is a one-of-a-kind structure under construction in the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Opening in December 2010, the building is designed for scientists to work side-by-side in two interdisciplinary research institutes under one roof, the private Morgridge Institute for Research and public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.
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Brian Johnson: Social Media Primer

Episode first aired on 7/16/2010

Guest speaker Brian Johnson discusses a handful of the most popular social media tools and shares the most pragmatic ways that they can be used to enhance people's personal lives and accomplish business goals.
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Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz: The State of the City 2010

Episode first aired on 6/18/2010

Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's annual report on the state of Madison. He discussed the local economy, the City's budget, public safety, plans for a new downtown library, the Edgewater Hotel controversy, and the future of the Overture Center.
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Kaleem Caire; CEO of Urban League of Greater Madison

Episode first aired on 6/5/2010

Kaleem Caire talked about the Urban League of Greater Madison and his role as the President of the organization.
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Sang Kim; Accelerating Discovery to Delivery at the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery

Episode first aired on 3/1/2010

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery is focused on conducting world-class interdisciplinary biomedical research spanning the fields of biology, nanotechnology and information. The goals of the institutes are to improve human health and well-being through breakthrough scientific research, and enhance the University of Wisconsin-Madison's already considerable strengths in interdisciplinary biomedical research.
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Overture’s Economic Impact on Madison and Dane County

Episode first aired on 2/6/2010

Andrew Taylor of the arts administration program at UW, and Overture Center administrator Jenn Tyler presented a new study which quantifies the Overture Center's economic impact on the City and region.
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Ken Schroerlucke; Reflections on the Life of Martin Luther King

Episode first aired on 1/15/2010

Ken Schroerlucke speaks about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.