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Question: How can I suggest an event or program that Madison City Channel should cover?
Please fill out the request coverage of a presentation form. Generally, the event you have in mind should be at least peripherally related to local government or public affairs, and should be of interest to the residents of the City of Madison as a whole.

Question: I have a video that I've produced. How can I get this played on Madison City Channel?
Madison City Channel normally does not accept unsolicited programs from outside sources. We produce virtually all of the programming that appears on our channel. We have three criteria that must be met for consideration of outside programming:
  1. The program must meet appropriate technical standards as determined by Madison City Channel staff;
  2. It must fit within our Mission Statement; and
  3. It must be "sponsored" by a City official or staff person (which can include Madison City Channel staff).
Generally, we end up referring the producers of such videos to WYOU, the Public Access channel in Madison. Their policy is to accept most any programming submitted to them by Madison residents.

Question: Which Dane County Communities have access to Madison City Channel?
Madison City Channel is available throughout Dane County on Charter's digital channel 994. We are also available throughout Dane County on AT&T's U-Verse.

Question: How can I get a video copy of a meeting or program?
DVDs are $20.61 each + $1.13 sales tax + $3.95 shipping ($0 for pickup)
Additional charges apply for editing meetings to requested portions.
Exact cash or check (made out to 'Madison City Channel') only.

For more information or to request a duplication, please use the contact form.

Question: The program I would like to watch is not scheduled at this time, can I do a viewer's request?
Yes, please use the contact form.