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Alcohol License Review Committee


The mission of the Alcohol License Review Committee is to serve City's residents, businesses & visitors by thoroughly & conscientiously reviewing license applications, establishing & maintaining standards, addressing violations, developing alcohol-related policies, & making recommendations to the Common Council. Their goal is to promote responsible alcohol-selling -serving practices; enhance public safety & quality of life; consistently apply pertinent laws & conditions; educate citizenry/business community about the ALRC mission & processes; modernize existing business & governmental systems and reduce expenditures on alcohol-related issues; improve overall service delivery.

Watch Alcohol License Review Committee Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at Noon.

Replay Times


  • Common Council Member Paul E. Skidmore
  • Common Council Member Michael E. Verveer
  • Jim Verbick
  • James Boxrud
  • Jason Freedman
  • Roger Allen
  • Adult City Resident Fernando Cano Ospina
  • Adult City Resident Thomas A. Landgraf
  • Adult City Resident Kathryn D. Hill
  • Adult City Resident Michael S. Donnelly
  • Adult City Resident Patrick J. Grady
  • Leslie G. Orrantia
  • Mayoral Designee Gloria Reyes
  • Alexander J. Toy
  • Common Council Member Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
  • Adult City Resident Stefan J. Fletcher