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Pedestrian, Bicycle & Motor Vehicle Commission


The Pedestrian, Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Commission's mission is to develop and recommend to the Common Council policies and programs addressing the use and effects of the various elements of Pedestrian, Bicycle and Motor Vehicle systems and facilities to ensure the safe, efficient and economical movement of persons and goods in the city & the metropolitan area consistent with the commission's mission to support the city's distinct quality neighborhoods where people will want to live, work, do business, learn and play by providing comfortable safe and efficient transportation. The commission shall periodically review the city's Master Plan and its plan elements and shall adopt and approve an annual work plan in furtherance of the commission's purpose and responsibilities as set forth in the ordinance. The commission meets the 4th Tuesday of every month; 5:00pm; Madison Municipal Building, 215 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Room 260

Watch Mondays at Noon, Wednesdays at 2pm, and Fridays at 8am.

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  • Common Council Member Ledell Zellers
  • Common Council Member Paul E. Skidmore
  • Common Council Member Rebecca Kemble
  • Plan Commission Member Michael W. Rewey
  • Citizen (Bicycle Advocate) Grant A. Foster
  • Citizen (Bicycle Advocate) Aaron S. P. Crandall
  • Citizen (Pedestrian Advocate) Eric C. Lewandowski
  • Citizen (Pedestrian Advocate) Mark D. Bennett
  • Citizen with Disabilities Susan M. De Vos
  • First Alternate (Citizen or Alder) Vacancy
  • Second Alternate (Citizen or Alder) Sarah (Sally) A. Lehner