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Please join me on July 16th - I would like to understand what you would like to see in Madison!

July 2, 2014 6:05 PM

The City has entered the budget season - this means all departments put forth their needs and ideas for the 2015 year for operating and 2015-2019 for capital budgets.
I would like the opportunity to hear your views and priorities for the City, South East Madison and your neighborhoods. I sit on 3 committees where requests for City funds are evaluated and I sit on the Board of Estimates (city budget committee). I believe we can have a voice in how tax dollars are spent, but I need to understand what is important to you and we need to have a plan:)
Therefore, I decided to host a meeting on July 16th at 7PM at East Side Police Department, for all Neighborhoods in District 16.
Please join me on the 16th - if you can't make the meeting please ask someone from your neighborhood to attend in your place. It would be great to have all neighborhoods represented by at least one person, but more is great! Please feel free to pass this email forward to others who would like to come. Thanks!
See you soon,
Denise DeMarb
Denise DeMarb, Alder District 16
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