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one last update from me, info on early voting and Pinney Library

February 4, 2019 9:39 PM

Hi Neighbors

I want to fill you on how the next couple of months are going to go. Veteran Alder David Ahrens, who leads the 15th district directly to our west, will be filling in for me in the last couple of months before the new alder is elected. Alder Ahrens is experienced and will be a great help for any questions or issues which may arise. He is not seeking re-election and will be able to focus on districts 15 and 3 from now through April. He can be reached at or (608) 334-1156.

It has been a privilege to serve you and this city. I am excited for what is next for District 3.

I want to be so bold as to offer a bit of reflection and I thank you for your consideration. In the last few years in America it has become patently uncool to compromise. Whether over highly political topics or even just on either side of a neighbirhood development question, America has gotten into some questionable habits. A great deal of governing, at all levels, works best when those involved can find consensus. Various projects in this district and across the city have gone better because all parties, from city planners to neighbors to developers were working in good faith to hammer out details. Conversely, if any of these stakeholders are unwilling to hear the others, the process grinds to a halt and nothing gets accomplished. Well, nothing constructive at least.

Madison's public engagement process is as good as you'll find anywhere in the nation. Please stay engaged in it. Even as America becomes polarized, and neighbors and even family members shut one another out, as easy as it is to simply stop listening to someone with whom you disagree, let's keep our hearts open and stay engaged in the process of what comes next for District 3 and for Madison. Demand it of yourselves-and demand it of your leaders. Ego is about as useful in a decision-making process as a snow blower in summer. Let's be the example of thoughtful discourse and give and take decision making, even if it doesn't mirror the rest of the country, it's who Madison is.

Thank you for making space for that reflection; I have a few more updates to share with you.

Early voting for our spring primary begins Friday, January 29th. Click here for a list of locations and dates and hours. Remember, we have primaries for District 3's own very next alder, as well as for mayor, plus school board. Vote in the spring primary and help guide what's next for Madison

After last week's intense weather, we are back on normal trash and recycling pick up schedules this week

Movin Out, developer for the Ace Apartments is awaiting word from the state on whether it will win state housing tax credits and be able to move forward with the development process. They should know sometime in/around March

Pinney Library is open in its interim location on Cottage Grove Road in the old Ace Hardware Building. It will be in this location until 2020 when it moves back across the street to its permanent home in Royster Corners.

That's it from me, stay safe in this fog and be well,

Amanda Hall

(for one more day) Alder, District 3


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