Overview of Exterior Property

All exterior property areas shall be properly maintained in a clean and sanitary condition free from debris, rubbish, garbage, physical hazards, rodent harborage and infestation. MGO 27.05(2)(c)

When a violation for exterior junk, trash and debris is observed, an Official Notice is mailed to the property owner.  The Official Notice will direct the property owner to remove all junk, trash and debris from the property by a specific due date, usually ten days. When the due date arrives, the inspector will reinspect the property to ensure compliance. If the junk, trash and debris is removed, the case is closed. If the junk, trash and debris is not removed by the due date, a ticket in the amount of $172.00 will be issued to the property owner and a new due date is set. When that due date is reached, a second citation in the amount of $298.00 will be issued for properties that are still in violation of M.G.O. 27.05(2)(c). If after a third ticket and the property is still in non-compliance, the property owner will be referred to the City Attorney for additional prosecution.

Common issues:

Want to learn more? Download the  Exterior Property Enforcement Guide (PDF)

Last Updated: 05/22/2012

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