Scale with bowlLicensing of Scales

Businesses in the City of Madison must license all of their weights and measures devices, including scales, gas pumps and meters, scanner units, timing devices, and yardage measures. A license fee will be charged for each device, and devices will be inspected annually. See license application for specific fees.

Internet Sales of Scales

The National Conference on Weights and Measures has published information related to buying scales on the internet. There are risks associated with such purchases.

1. Know the regulations for your area. You'll find them on the Weights and Measures site.

2. Know who the seller is. The internet allows deception in this area, do your best to review/research the seller.

3. Look up the NTEP Certificate of Conformance.

4. Understand "legal for trade." See the link to brochure below.

If in doubt, contact your regulatory authority before you buy.

For complete information, see:

Last Updated: 09/22/2017

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