Rent Abatement

The Building Inspection is the City of Madison agency charged with enforcement of Building and Housing codes. It is not an advocate for either the tenant or the landlord on abatement issues. Building Inspection's goal is to ensure that all rental property meets the Building and Housing codes.


The Rent Abatement Clerk arranges hearings and keeps all abatement records. You can reach the Rent Abatement Clerk at (608) 266-4551, they will be able to answer questions from all parties about procedures and the status of abatable orders

Last Updated: 06/07/2019

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How to apply for rent abatement:

Application for hearings must be filed with the Building Inspection Rent Clerk:

Call: (608) 266-4551, ask for the Rent Abatement Clerk


Building Inspection Division
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Madison WI 53701-2984

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