Tall Grass & Weeds

With the exception of a prior application and approval of a "Natural Lawn", Madison General Ordinance 27.05(2)(f) requires all lawns shall be maintained to a height not to exceed eight (8) inches in length. When a violation for tall grass or weeds is observed, an Official Notice is mailed to the property owner.  The Official Notice will direct the property owner to cut and maintain the grass by a specific due date, usually ten days. When the due date arrives, the inspector will re-inspect the property to ensure compliance. If the tall grass and weeds are cut, the case is closed. If the tall grass and weeds are not cut by the due date, a ticket in the amount of $172.00 will be issued for the first offense during a season. All additional violations during the season will result in a ticket in the amount of $298.00

Want to learn more? Download the Exterior Property Enforcement Guide (PDF)


Interested in installing plants on your terrace?  Please see the Terrace Treatment Pollicy. (PDF)

Last Updated: 08/15/2017

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