Timing Devices

LaundromatThe City of Madison's weights and measures inspection unit monitors timing devices at laundromats and car washes. Timing devices must meet specific codes to be considered legal.The laws that govern these devices are based on Handbook 44*.

Inspectors verify the timing of the devices to ensure they are within the required tolerances. They make sure the in-service indicators are operational and only operate when the device is running.

Inspectors also check for specific signage requirements on the device or at the business. Self-service facilities that do not have a full time attendant must have the following items at the site:

  • Posting with name, address and phone number of the responsible party,
  • Refund mechanism including instructions on how customers receive refunds when a product or service is paid for and not obtained, and
  • Statement of rates on each device. The signage must state the price in terms of money per unit or units of time and the number of coins that the device will accept at one time.This needs to be prominently displayed on each device.

*Handbook 44 was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and approved by the National Weights and Measures Conference.

Last Updated: 09/08/2016

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